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In the Pits with Heavy Duty
High Performance Body Care for Men
By Daryn Guarino

I got the chance to give the Heavy Duty product line a test drive this time around ( I opened the package and found a clear plastic tool box full of automotive products! I chuckled as I removed each product because the bottles were smaller replicas of various automobile product packages.

There was an antifreeze jug (shower gel), a motor oil bottle (body scrub), a liquid car wax bottle (body oil), a tube of "form-a-gasket" (shave cream), and a tube of putty (hand cream).

Cute, but I'm not sure that everyone will be able to identify the bottles to enjoy their campy value. My wife, for example, didn't think twice about the shape of the bottles and largely ignored me.

My three year old son, however, immediately recognized them and led me to the Heavy Duty Productsgarage to show me the big bottles that matched. I was very proud.

With the unpacking done and my new products ready to go, I had to decide if I was ready to hit the showers. I brought my pits to my pit crew for a situation report and she punched me in the stomach, repeatedly, while shouting something about stink or stinking. As I lay there, dazed on the floor from her vicious assault, I stared, glassy eyed, at the side of the Heavy Duty box.

I found a note stating that Heavy Duty products were tested on genuine people, never animals. That made me very happy at the time because I remember thinking that it doesn't matter how nice a product makes a monkey smell, I'm not planning on washing any monkeys! I regained my senses, so to speak, and headed for the shower, err, washing bay. Gentle Me, Start My Research!

Watch Where You're Putting Those Hands, Mister!
Heavy Duty HandGear

Handles Those Curves!
Heavy Duty AutoStrip

Oil Be Back!
Heavy Duty MotorWash

It's A Nice Drive (To The Winner's Circle)
Heavy Duty MuscleBar

Showering For A Living, What A Grind!
Heavy Duty TurboScrub

Last Lap

Some of these Heavy Duty products worked very well and some worked too well. The above products would make a fun gift for any grease-monkey, but I don't see any reason to buy it for someone more than once, with the MuscleBar being the only exception.

The products are of good quality, but, once the novelty value of the replica bottles and the campy garage smells is gone, you're left with products that work about the same as much cheaper drug store brands.

For the record, the empty bottles are now an important part of my son's toy car garage and gas station, so you might want to consider that a value-added feature for those of you with little grease-monkeys.

Heavy Duty, a fun gift for the mechanic in your life, but be sure to get him something different next year. Find Heavy Duty products at

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