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Handle Those Curves
Heavy Duty AutoStrip
By Daryn Guarino

Heavy Duty AutoStrip (6oz for $16) is a shave cream with humectants, a substance that promotes retention of moisture, that had the "belongs in a garage smell," but I was unable to place the scent specifically.

Heavy Duty AutoStrip Shaving CreamAutoStrip arrived as a very sticky, yet slimy, gel, but easily whipped up to a sticky foam with just a little water.

A new razor skated into my beard and slipped almost frictionless across my face allowing me to get a very close shave.

It rinsed away clean and my face felt very smooth. I experienced some mild tightness later, but no razor burn or itchy dryness ever surfaced.

AutoStrip worked as well as any shaving cream, but moisturized a bit less than expected given its silky consistency and its claims of being "super-hydrating."

A decent product, certainly not a bad product, but not special enough to justify the price.


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