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Oil Be Back!
Heavy Duty MotorWash
By Daryn Guarino

I got into the shower with Heavy Duty MotorWash (14oz jug for $16.00) which is billed as a shower gel with humectants. I opened it and took a whiff. It was unusual. Lots of sharp citrus notes, but something else as well. Sniff, sniff, what can it be? Sniff sniff, it's motor oil! This is what motor oil must smell like in mechanic's heaven!

Heavy Duty MotorWash Shower GelSweet citrus top notes and a smooth motor oil rear note made for a very interesting smell. The scent was spot-on accurate, quite pleasant, and so interesting that it was hard to stop actively smelling it.

It foamed up nicely and the aroma of oranges, grapefruits, and petroleum products expanded as I worked the lather. I have to admit that I was really buying into the Heavy Duty vehicle and tool theme.

I really felt like I was showering in a garage! I was soapy and wet and in the mood to change a timing belt! I rinsed away my mechanic's euphoria and discovered that the citrus and oil smell quickly faded. I also noticed that my skin was remarkably lacking in oil and, shortly after, slightly dry.

MotorWash didn't dry me out that much, but it dried me out enough to make me want to stop using it. It smelled really interesting and cleaned well, but was a bit too drying for my skin. A good product, but not for the dry of hide.


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