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Life Behind Bars
Bar Soaps for Men

By Daryn Guarino

It's been a while since I used a bar soap. I have dry, flaky skin and soap only makes it worse. I usually use an alpha-hydroxy gel and a bath pouf (someone please change the name).

You can make fun of the pouf because it has a girly name, but it's a more abrasive grit, some would say manlier, than any wimpy washcloth. I suppose we won't end the pouf-or-washcloth rivalry here, so let's be friends and go hit the bars!

Too Large to Ignore
Bliss Labs Big Blue Bar

You Must Try This Soap
Anthony Logistics For Men

Overfed Hotel Soap
Helan Laboratorio

Very, Very Mild
Lightfoot's Pure Pine Athletic Soap

Snappy Zestiness and World Peace
Davies Gate

Nice but Pricey
ZIRH Alpha Hydroxy Body Bar

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