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Too Large to Ignore
Bliss Labs Big Blue Bar
By Daryn Guarino

I started with Bliss Labs Big Blue Bar (12.3oz bar for $15 at because it was simply too large to ignore. It's not just big, it is monstrously huge.

Bliss Big Blue BarAt almost a pound and measuring 5" x 3" x 2", the blue behemoth, even with its grip-friendly contours, is a challenge to control when wet and made great demands on my limited shower space.

It did smell great, masculine and fresh with a hard-to-pinpoint acidy tartness. The tartness turned out to be lemon verbena (also called sweet verbena and, sometimes, vervain) which was used by the ancient Druids in their sacred rites and rituals because of its pleasant fragrance. Lemon verbena, Druids, and enormous slabs of soap. hmmm... It is now my belief that Stonehenge is probably just a fancy soap dish!

Prehistory aside, the soap lathered well and left me quite clean, literally squeaky clean. This hard-milled, vegetable-oil based soap was supposed to leave me with a well-hydrated gleam, but, to be honest, the terrible itching that started as I dried told me otherwise!

My skin does tend to be on the dry side, but this soap offered me nothing along the lines of moisture. Each shower left my skin more parched and withered until the itching was maddening. When I could finally stand it no more (the second day), I had my wife slather me with lotion.

I'm a regular guy and I just want to shower, brush my hair, and be done. I don't want a full-body lotion ritual added to an otherwise quick shower because of my soap! In short, and I'm not proud of this, I began to wish a painful death on the soap.

The review week ended and ol' Blue became a dot in my rearview mirror. If dry skin is not a problem for you, the Big Blue Bar will clean you well, leave a great scent that you won't want to cover with cologne, and last for a long, long time. If your skin ever gets a little dry and itchy from time to time, your best use for the Big Blue Bar from is as a gift to a moister friend or relative.

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