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Nicey but Pricey
ZIRH Alpha Hydroxy Bar
By Daryn Guarino

The ZIRH Alpha Hydroxy Body Bar (6.3oz for $14.50), in all its lapis lazuli blue glory, was next to grace my bathing area. Since I normally use an alpha hydroxy soap to keep my scaly hide as smooth and itch-free as possible, I was really looking forward to trying this one.

ZIRH Alpha Hydroxy Body BarWith a penetrating citrusy and minty notes, this one smelled very much like a large gob of vapo-rub. Peppermint, menthol, and alpha-hydroxy join forces to exfoliate and heal, so the rich lather began to tingle as soon as it hit my skin.

Lemon oil is included to destroy odor-causing bacteria and to moisturize as well.

The soap removed dirt and oil with ease and left my skin feeling buffed and shined. I'm calling this a unisex product even though the cough drop aroma leans toward the men's side. I think the benefits of using this soap far outweigh the "disadvantages" of a mentholated shower area.

If you suffer from body acne, itchy dry skin, or bumpy "chicken skin" (keratosis pilaris), this is just the soap for you. However, at almost $15 per bar, this is one pricey cake!

It felt great to use and is probably worth it, but, whew, $15 for a soap is hard to ignore! With its benefits, and at that price, the ZIRH Body Bar makes a very thoughtful and practical gift that will be appreciated by anyone. Available at

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