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Snappy Zestiness
Davies Gate
By Daryn Guarino

Triple Milled Vegetable Soap by Davies Gate was the next to hit my shower (8.8oz for about $12). It's a good-sized hunk of soap that is heavier than it looks. It lathered quite well with a snappy lemon zestiness to it that both men and women will enjoy.

The manufacturer hopes that their product will revitalize the human body and spirit and inspire a need for daily rituals that create balance in life, which is fine and all, but maybe a bit much to ask from soap.

Clean me now and we'll worry about wishes and world peace later. Several showers later, I am pleased to report that it cleaned well and didn't dry my skin (my spirit seems to be about the same, but my need for daily rituals is only partially inspired).

This cake is so dense that I bet it lasts a good long time as well. Lemon Thyme is a decent value and certainly worth checking out at

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