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Very, Very Mild
Lightfoot Pure Pine Athletic Soap
By Daryn Guarino

Next up was Lightfoot's Pure Pine Athletic Soap by Kala Corporation (around $6, with sets of 4 for about $20). It has such a fantastic evergreen pine scent that I was tempted to put it in my car as an air freshener.

This soap lathered quite poorly, fully resistant to efforts carried out by hand, washcloth, and scrubby-puff (or whatever the heck those plastic loofa-like puff balls are called). It was very, very mild. Far too mild for the daily morning shower.

I used it daily and I never felt quite clean enough. The aroma was quite pleasant and doesn't linger on the skin, but the soap just cannot handle a normal day's worth of sweat, oil, and grime.

And then came Saturday where I spent most of the day chasing my son around the yard. I badly needed a second shower just to get the sweat off me (and so my wife would let me sit near her on the couch).

Mr. Lightfoot's soap was absolutely perfect for this second shower of the day! The packaging claims that the essential pine oils and resins in this soap encourage your lungs to breath more deeply which helps you relax faster. It worked for me!

By shower's end, this super-mild soap had rejuvenated me with piney freshness. This is a terrific soap for the unisex gym bag, but not potent enough for your morning ablutions.

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