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You Must Try This Soap
Anthony Logistics for Men
By Daryn Guarino

The Citrus Glycerin Cleansing Bar by Anthony Logistics For Men (5.5oz bar for $8 from seemed to be your average glycerin soap at first glance. I found an odd phrase on the side of the packaging, "Live clean, mostly. Shave clean, always." Shave clean? Surely they couldn't want me to shave with mere soap, could they?

Anthony Logistics Citrus Cleansing BarWhen I shave my face with a razor, I break-out until the stubble grows back. Shaving my face with a razor using soap, however, gives me the added benefit of red, razor-burned skin wherever I don't break out.

A reviewer has to be thorough and honest (stupid, stupid ethics!), so I replaced the ancient, rusted blade on my long abandoned razor with a sharp, new one. I used warm water, not hot, lathered up, and shaved down.

The soap was quite mild and the citrus candy scent was neutral enough to call it unisexual. It handled the rigors of shaving well and I finished quickly without bloodshed. The moisturizing benefits were astounding! My skin felt startlingly soft and smooth, not dry or tight.

I used it in the shower and I couldn't believe that my bumpy, leathery hide had been magically transformed into something so soft and smooth (and comfortable to wear with no itchy spots!). It is 100% vegetable-based with botanical extracts to soothe and heal, aloe vera and glycerin to moisturize, and orange extract (nature's alpha-hydroxy) to exfoliate.

Amazingly, I did not break-out at all that day. Even more amazingly, my face was still clear and blemish free the next morning!

To make it more of a challenge (please don't try this at home, I am an unpaid professional test monkey), I decided to shave much more thoroughly and vigorously. I soaped up and spent some time detail-shaving away every single beard and mustache hair. I made multiple passes at varying speeds.

I shaved from a number of different directions and angles. I even bore down at times. I shaved as incorrectly as realistically possible. I lathered and shaved and lathered and shaved until a fingertip could not locate so much as a single point of stubble.

I was shaved as clean as I get and I knew that I was doomed to a few days of pain, pimples, and general ugliness. I had another, brief, moment of wow-my-skin-doesn't-itch-at-all after my shower, but my mood was dragged down by my facial suicide of minutes ago.

I checked about a hundred times during the day, but my face stayed clear and blemish-free. Tomorrow then, I thought fearfully. After a visit to the mirror the next morning, I celebrated my wonderfully clear skin by doing a Power Ranger Happy Dance with my two-year old son (he didn't know why I was happy, but he's always ready for a good dance and the Power Rangers!).

This is the product that I, personally, will be using from now on because it is utterly fantastic and really worked beyond my expectations. From its skin healing and softening qualities to its use as a shaving preparation, every person alive will benefit from using the Anthony Logistics For Men Glycerin Cleansing Bar. Consider this product so highly recommended that it is now mandatory for you to have one! Get yours at

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