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Ah, Honey Honey...
By Melissa Miller

I discovered the wonders of honey on a recent trip to Paris. I arrived early in the morning on New Year’s Day, looking like I’d had the wildest and longest night of my life - not from any New Year’s debauchery, unfortunately, but from the long and torturous flight. I wanted to go for a facial right away, but nothing was open for the holiday in Paris. My face was flaking, and my arms and legs itched.

When our breakfast tray arrived with the usual high-carb fare, I wolfed down two croissants without even noticing the complimentary containers of jelly and honey. While my travel companions went to bed, I went into the bathroom to inspect my sorry state. I took a hot shower, which just made matters worse, and found myself staring at the huge honey container. What the heck? I slathered my face, arms, and tops of my legs with honey, and left it on for 20 minutes.

When I removed it, I found to my surprise that my skin was amazingly soft, even in tone, and flake-free. In short, I looked good. I immediately went to the room of one of my friends, knocked on his door, and told him about my discovery. "Great Mel," he said sleepily, "Please go discuss it with the concierge." Well, I was excited.

When I returned home, I consulted my online friend,, for information on the benefits of honey. I learned that honey is a natural humectant, pulling moisture from the air into the skin. It also has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and has been used for years to heal skin ailments such as blemishes, eczema, cuts and burns, as well as for cosmetic purposes such as softening the skin and moisturizing the hair.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of trying a diverse assortment of honey-based bath and body products, and have discovered that there are honey balms for everyone’s skin care needs.

Glamour Honey
Laura Mercier

French Honey

Honey Handmade
Kathleen Lewis

In the Land of Milk and Honey

Citrus and Honey
Renee Rouleau

Tried and True and Going Strong
Caswell Massey and Burt's Bees

Lush-cious Honey

Healing Honey
Living Nature

Fresh Honey

Honey Lips

Give some of these products a try and enjoy the healing benefits of honey. It is not just for sweetening your tea anymore.

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