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Healing Honey
Living Nature
By Melissa Miller

The base of all Living Nature face and body products is manuka honey, from New Zealand. Manuka oil is believed to be a powerful healing agent, and twenty times stronger than Australian tea tree oil for antibacterial and antiseptic purposes.

Living Nature products are all natural and use a unique preservative system composed of New Zealand plant extracts and pure vitamin E extracted from soy and wheat. The extracts are bactericides and fungicides, and the vitamin E is an antioxidant, which stops the oils from going rancid.

The products do not contain petrochemicals, and all raw materials are verified to be free of radiation. manuka honey is so healing that a dab of it, applied to a blemish or sore at bedtime, will dramatically reduce or even heal the problem by morning.

Living Nature Manuka Cleansing Shower Gel Manuka Cleansing Shower Gel ($15.75 for 8.5oz) contains high amounts of manuka honey, vitamins A, C and E and kelp (a seaweed high in iodine), making it an excellent treatment for eczema, chronic dryness, and psoriasis. Its manuka honey scent has invigorating accents of peppermint, lavender and cedar. It does not contain sodium laurel sulfate.

Manuka Honey Hand & Body Cream ($15.75 for 8.5oz) is also effective for skin ailments; it super-hydrates and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and silky. The cream includes pecan oil, manuka honey, and orange, lavender, evening primrose and wheatgerm oils. I passed this along to a friend with severe eczema and he was amazed at how much it relieved his condition the first time he used it. Two weeks later, he is still singing its praises.

Living Nature Manuka Honey Lip Balm Manuka Honey Lip Balm ($9.50 for .5oz) is a completely natural blend of pecan, macadamia, and olive oils, manuka honey and cocoa butter.

This line is a good bet for anyone with problem skin because of its pure ingredients, high content of manuka honey and absence of chemical preservatives.

Living Nature also has an extensive facial care line, shaving products, shampoo, conditioner and beautiful all natural lipsticks. Order their line of natural skin care products with manuka honey online at

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