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Organic Goes Upscale
By Tonie Minsal

The word "organic" used to conjure up images of sprout-munching, Grateful Dead-listening, hippie-smelling vegetarians with dirty bare feet. Well, no more, my friends! Organic products are now a highly desirable bath time commodity, with consumers willing to pay the extra price often involved.

Organic refers to the manner in which the ingredients in a product are grown: without the use of pesticides, hormones, or chemicals. There are a number of organic certification agencies which lend an extra dose of assurance when purchasing.

In the August Suds Report newsletter, our editor reports that now there are unifying government standards for organic products; she even lists a very informative website: Organic Trade Association at

While there are many fine home-spun, mom and pop organic body care companies, the focus of this review is on the highbrow, chi-chi end of the organic scale; in short, these products have definite snob appeal! All of these fine products prove that organic has indeed gone upscale!

Please note dear bathers - all of the products in this review are TRULY organic. It really peeves me when a company uses the word organic as a tag line, only to negate the beneficial effect of any organic ingredients by tainting their products with chemicals!

Rest assured that I have scrupulously checked the ingredients in all of the following products - if they pass muster with me, they’re a-okay for you!

The Skin Breathes
Evan Healy

From Across the Pond

Who Are You Calling a Weed?
Melinda's Weeds

U B Healthy

Inara Organic

So, bathers, as I’m sure this review proves, there’s a lot more to organic bath and beauty products than granola and Birkenstocks… why not try a few of the above products and see for yourself.

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