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From Across the Pond
By Tonie Minsal

From merry old England comes Circaroma. Wow - what nice ingredients this line has. They have several ranges within the line, but for this article, I reviewed their  Absolutely Organic range.

They have great glass packaging (naturally), and wonderful fragrances. Circaroma’s site will automatically convert their prices, which are dependent on the current exchange rate, into American funds.

I tried all three of Circaroma’s Floral Waters: Orange Blossom, Lavender, and Rose (100ml spray bottles) - man are they nice! The Orange Blossom one is just heavenly, so sweet and beautiful.

Orange blossom is one of my favorite fragrances, and this floral water is easily THE nicest one I have ever smelled. The only negative thing about this product was that ¾ of the way through it, the spritzer pooped out! That was a bummer, because it’s such a beautiful product.

I always like to have a floral water on hand- you can use them anytime, anywhere- as a body mist, to refresh you when you’re hot, even to cleanse and moisturize! The Organic Rose Floral WaterCircaroma Orange Blossom Mist smelled just like being in a rose garden on a hot day after it’s been squirted with the hose - really nice and relaxing.

The Lavender smells like a good lavender should; clean, fresh, and outdoorsy without the slightest hint of camphor. The word lavender comes from the Latin lavare - “to wash”; people used to spread their freshly laundered clothes over Lavender bushes to dry, imbuing the laundry with the scent of the lavender… that’s what Circaroma’s lavender reminds me of.

Circaroma’s Absolutely Organic Body & Bath Oils (100 ml bottle) are great! They come in three blends: Stimulating, with essential oils of cardamom (kind of a weird, warm cinnamony smell), grapefruit, rosemary and peppermint; nourishing, with essential oils of lavender, mandarin, frankincense and vetiver, and Unscented. I used these both as an after shower oil and as a bath oil, and - Wowee - I didn’t even have to moisturize after my bath!

Very nice blend of oils: sunflower, safflower, sesame and jojoba. I used the Stimulating blend after my shower on a particularly sweltering day - the peppermint essential oil really cooled me off, and the cardamom left such a nice, warm smell on my skin.

I found the aroma of this oil to be very mood lifting and cheering - it reminded me of Christmas and peppermint sticks! The Nourishing is just that- nourishing! These oils get an A+ rating - great organic ingredients, packaging, texture and fragrance!

I highly recommend this line - it has first rate ingredients and the products are a treat to use; another thing that really impressed me about Circaroma: all of the writing on the bottles is etched on - no smearing or washing off! How cool is that? I like to read ingredients while I shower - is it just me? Ahh - the little things in life! Available at


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