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Inara Organic
By Tonie Minsal

Inara Organic is a line that focuses on babassu oil as their main ingredient. A rain forest product, babassu oil is obtained from the fruit kernels of the babassu palm. The first thing I noticed about Inara was the packaging.

These products pass my bathroom cabinet test - theyíre pretty enough for me to display in my bathroom cabinet, not hide away in a drawer. Inara also scores those all-important glass container points - their packaging is obviously well thought out.

Inaraís entire line is available in three fragrances: Enliven (a grapefruity fragrance containing essential oils of grapefruit, rose geranium, mandarin and sage), Ignite (a jasminy, citrusy scent containing essential oils of grapefruit, bergamot and jasmine), and Quiet (a sandalwoody one, containing essential oils of mandarin, Roman chamomile and rose geranium). I tried all of the scents; Ignite was my favorite.

Babassu Milk Bath
($32.00 for a 10 oz. tin) is dee-lightful! This milk bath, made with organic buttermilk, is a winner! I tried it in both the Ignite and Enliven fragrances, and I preferred the Ignite - it smelled very jasminey with a touch of citrus - very nice. It comes in a cute little tin with a wooden spoon attached. I liked this product best - my only complaint about milk baths is that I want to put about a pound of them in my bath!

Inara's Babassu Sugar Rub ($18.00 and $45.50) is available in two different sizes: a Inara Sugar Scrub crock4.5oz jar and a 15.5oz crock. The crock looks rad, but it was a tad inconvenient - I had to open a little bag and empty it in, but the fragrance was so nice that it almost made up for it.

I tried it in Quiet and Enliven - which smelled like grapefruit and rose geranium. Very gentle - I even used it on my face, and I have sensitive skin - but extremely greasy.

Personally, I found the jar to be more practical, but aesthetically, the crock is great. It took some real maneuvering to use the crock in the bath, and I didnít even attempt to try it in the shower.

I found that this scrub was not as moisturizing as I like, but again, I have sensitive skin and live in a very dry climate.

I also tried their Soap ($22.00 for a trio). While there wasnít much fragrance to speak of, what I did like about this soap was its smooth, silky, long lasting lather - very nice for shaving your legs.

I have sensitive skin and I live in the high desert, so I found this soap to be too harsh and drying for me, but others who have a different skin type and live in a different climate might enjoy it.

Babassu Bath Oil
($18.50 for an 8oz bottle) is made with a combination of soybean and babassu oils; it is too light for my liking, but gals with heartier, oilier skin may like it. Not too much fragrance to speak of - and as Iíve told you before, dear bathers, Tonie is a fragrance fiend! I tried it both as a bath oil and aprŤs bain, hoping for promising results, but alas, it just wasnít the right blend for me.

Babassu Body CrŤme
($34.00 for a 5.5oz jar) is a balm, not an actual crŤme, and it contains honey, a natural humectant. Alas, once again I experienced the trouble of too much grease and not enough moisturizing.

This line turned out to be difficult for me to review; although the packaging was nice (definitely upscale) and the products were fun to use, I didnít care for the way my skin felt after using the oils and soaps.

Judging by the dryness, irritation, and itching I experienced, I may even be allergic to this line. I suspect it has to do with the blend of soybean and babassu oils - I just donít think it was the right blend for me. It was weird - I found the blend to be oily, but not moisturizing and soothing.

I am not easily impressed by products; I eschew what others champion. Although a few of Inaraís products didnít do it for me, this line may be just fine and dandy for the majority of bathers. Their presentation is nice - when my package arrived my Mom oohed and ahhed and expressed a lot of interest in the line. On a positive note, the milk baths did get a thumbs up.

Although itís a very pricey line, I think is a great line for gift giving; the packaging is unique and upscale, the ingredients are fab, the products are nice, and Iím sure any chick would be really happy to receive these products as a gift.

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