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You Be Healthy
By Tonie Minsal

From New York comes Michael Blake and his UBH ( line, entirely organic and based solely on oils. The first product I tried from this line was the Renewing After Sun ($29.00 for a 4oz pump bottle), and I must say - itís great.

Jojoba and avocado oils blend nicely with essential oils of lavender, geranium and clary sage, and infusions of burdock, calendula, comfrey, and yarrow herbs. This oil is extremely aromatic, which I loved, and very moisturizing, not greasy at all. The pump bottle is really  convenient! I never venture out into the sun, but I used this oil apresí bain, as well as after washing my hands, and I just loved the aroma it left.

Skin Therapy
($23.00 for a 1.5oz jar) is a healing balm with olive oil, beeswax, essential oils, and herbal infusions. I liked the balm, but the tea tree oil turned me off as Iím not a big fan of its koala bear-y fragrance - too medicinal for me.

Three products in the ubh line are available in either Grapefruit or Lavender - the Soothing Bath Salts, the Aromatic Bath Oil, and the Moisturizing Body Oil. I preferred the Grapefruit fragrance- a very fresh, happy aroma that I kept coming back to sniff, but Iím afraid it didnít prefer me!

I think Iím allergic to it, as it left me itchiní like Ichabod from Dr. Suessí ABC book! The Lavender wasnít my cup of tea - too camphoric for me. I liked ubhís carrier oil blends, itís their essential oil blends, with the exception of the Renewing After Sun, that just didnít do it for me.

Ubhís Soothing Bath Salts ($19.00 for a 6oz jar)Ö Um, I was reeeally allergic to the grapefruit one - I suffered immediate burning, itching, and stinging. It was a ubh bath salts nightmare, as the warm bath water enabled the grapefruit essential oil to penetrate my skin, making removal of said oil next to impossible.

I informed Michael of this and he did say he was sorry; he tested the batch of essential oil on himself with no adverse reaction. Oh well, ya canít win Ďem all.

I have to be honest bathers - after my experience with the grapefruit bath salts, I shied away from trying the lavender one; however, my Mom tried them and said they were very soothing.

The Aromatic Bath Oil ($25.00 for a 2oz bottle), with a base of jojoba oil, was nicely fragrant, and the little pump container was fun to use.

The Moisturizing Body Oil ($29.00 for a 4oz bottle), with its jojoba and avocado oil base, was just great in the shower, so convenient and moisturizing.

While aesthetically, ubh's packaging is a bit too utilitarian for me - I love stuff in cobalt blue or green glass jars with cool pictures on them - I did find them to be terribly convenient to use.

The writing is etched on the glass jars and bottles, the pump bottles are fab in the shower, and I get the distinct feeling that Michael knew exactly what he was doing when he chose the actual bottles - they fit in my hand perfectly. Check them out online at


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