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The Skin Breathes
Evan Healy
By Tonie Minsal

This is the simple but effective philosophy behind Evan Healyís line. I have to say that Evan got points right up front for her name; my name being Tonie, I have a fondness for girls with boy names! I was lucky enough to try Evanís hydrosols, body butters, body lotion, and natural perfume.

As far as being upscale, Evan is the clear winner in this reviewerís race for organic gold; her presentation and attention to detail are truly impressive. Her products are beautifully packaged and wrapped in handmade paper, and she includes a sweet little rosebud in every package - I love that!

Evanís line exudes an aura of extreme cleanliness, and every last detail, down to the groovy little spiral paper clips that she puts on her literature, is seen to. Evanís line really gives you the feeling that with this much care given to the packaging - wow - the products inside must really be something special!

I was going to give you bathers a little bio on Evan, but the one on her site is so comprehensive that I encourage you to read it; she has a truly interesting background. Evan is her own best advertising - look at the pictures of her on her site and try to guess her age. All Iím gonna say is youíre wrong - way wrong!

My absolute favorite product of Evanís is her organic Patchouli Vanilla Shea Butter ($24.00 for a 1.6oz jar). Evan blends Nilotica shea butter from Uganda, rosehip seed oil, patchouli essential oil, and vanilla absolute from Madagascar. The resulting fragrance is absolutely addicting, very mellow and sexy.

Itís notable that Evan uses patchouli oil that has been aged at least five years, like a fine wine. Another unique aspect of this patchouli oil is that itís iron-free; this means that the oil has been distilled in stainless steel casks, as opposed to iron, thus rendering a cleaner, lighter oil. Interesting, huh?

Evan also makes a yummy Orange Vanilla Shea Butter that smells kinda like a Creamsicle - this one contains essential oil of sweet orange and vanilla absolute. Iím just wild about a good shea butter with only essential oils added - itís such a pleasure to use - very moisturizing without being greasy, and the texture of Evanís butters is fabu.

The Tropical Mango Shea Butter is softer than the other two, owing to the mango, avocado, and aloe butters it contains. This butter has a very unique scent which I suspect comes from the mango butter. Evan is also socially responsible in that she deals with shea producers who support Fair Trade, which translates into childrenís education and food - really cool, huh?!

The Body Chai Lotion ($21.00 for a 4 oz. bottle, $37.50 for an 8 oz. pump bottle)  is really unique: essential oils of cinnamon, clove, cardamon and ginger render it very hot and spicy smelling, just like the Chai tea itís named for.

Body Chai contains all kinds of organic goodies, including safflower and wheat germ oils, marshmallow root, comfrey root, sea algae and aloe vera gel. This lotion left my skin nicely moisturized without being greasy.

Spray All Day

Evan also makes three delightful floral waters, or hydrosols, and although theyíre called facial tonics, you can use them all over your body. I tried all three: the Rosa Damascena, Lavender Honey, and Rose Geranium ($10 for a 2oz spray bottle, $16.00 for 4oz), and theyíre all dee-lightful!

Evan Healy Lavender Honey Facial TonicThe Rose Geranium is nice; it smells almost wine-like. I reeeally liked the Lavender Honey and Rosa Damascena tonics; the Lavender Honey actually smells like real honey! The Rosa Damascena is a really beautiful fragrance- it smells just like freshly cut roses.

Hydrosols are the byproduct of the distillation process, so theyíre just pure floral water, and you can spritz them all over, even on your hair! Very refreshing! Evan is fond of saying "spray all day!", and I agree!

These tonics are a great way to hydrate your skin naturally. Evanís attention to detail is evidenced yet again in her choice of spray bottles: glass, of course, and with a great little sprayer that delivers a fine mist every time.

This bears mentioning as there have been countless times when Iíve experienced a less than optimal spray bottle - you know, the kind that delivers a needle-like spritz like a laser that hits you right in the eye? If you havenít had the pleasure of that experience, let me tell you - itís a treat!

Evanís Mimosa Natural Perfume ($38.00 for a 1oz spray bottle) is a treat. I have Mimosa trees in my backyard, so Iím already familiar with their light, sweet fragrance. This perfume, a blend of mimosa and grapefruit essential oils, is light, citrus-y, sweet, and beautiful.  It can also be used to perfume the environment, as well as linens.

Evan recently started custom blending natural perfumes, and she was sweet enough to surprise me with one. Just from our e-mail correspondence, she concocted a custom fragrance that was much to my liking - and that was without even having a consultation with me!

You can call Evan to inquire about this service. Evan also gave me the inside scoop on some new all natural bath milks that sheís formulating; I tried the prototypes and theyíre wonderful! Check her web site for availability.

I can tell you bathers, Evan Healyís products will definitely be a part of this reviewerís beauty arsenal from here on out - they rock!  (Editor's note: although is visually appealing and includes good background info, as an online store it is a little problematic. Many of her products don't appear on the site; you may have to contact her for a more complete list.


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