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The Suds Reporters
Amy Tocchet

Amy is 100% Californian (anything below 60 degrees gives her frostbite!). She graduated from UCLA and works part-time at an accounting firm. She is also a freelance copyeditor and is currently editing two books for a psychoanalytic publishing company.

In addition, Amy is taking computer classes at night to become certified as a Unix Systems Administrator. The one and only man in her life right now is her yellow lab, Belly.

Amy's claim to fame is going out on a date with Doogie Howser, although it is not something she brags about (for obvious reasons).

The tomboy side of her comes out when she plays and watches sports, especially hockey. Otherwise, she is 100% girl! ROAR! Amy takes at least one bath a day and normally won't get out of the tub until she looks like a prune.

Her dog also enjoys taking baths, especially when bathed in something that smells like food. He goes crazy for Philosophy's Pumpkin Pie.

Amy's 3 Favorite Bath and Body Products
JellyBath...Try This at Home
Six Soaps for Summer

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