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By Amy Tocchet

Now here's a great idea. Glycerine soaps that look like the most beautiful rocks I've ever seen. These certainly aren't the kinds of rocks you see walking on the beach. These are the rocks you see in museums.

The Idea

SoapRocks is the brainchild of Todd Pink. Pink discovered the idea one morning while looking at a bunch of soap scraps in his bathtub. He combined all the soap pieces into one big glob of soap that looked like a rock.

Seeing this glob gave him the wild idea of making soap that looked like rocks. Using his background in Art, Geology, and Chemistry, Pink spent the next seven years perfecting his idea, which he ultimately named SoapRocks.

Thanks to the success of his rocks, Pink expanded the SoapRock line to include smaller rocks called Rockettes and Palmstones and square-shaped soap called QuarryBars and PictureBars.

The Look

SoapRocks come in about 20 different varieties and 3 different sizes. For this review I tried the 2 oz rocks (Palmstones, $3 each) and the 6oz rocks (Rockettes, $6 each) in Amethyst, Aquamarine, Marble, Opal and Rose Quartz.

These rocks looked so pretty, I really felt guilty using (wasting?) them! The prettiest of the bunch was the Amethyst. It looked like a large-scale version of my amethyst stud earrings. Beautiful!

The Rose Quartz was just as gorgeous; it was made up of multiple shades of pink and purple. All the rocks contained gold etchings. I didn't really understand the gold; it looked really weird in the rocks, especially in the Marble and Opal ones (I'm no rock expert but I know there is no gold in real marble or opal.) I think all of the rocks would have looked even more stunning without the gold.

The Performance

I love gylcerine soaps because they lather nicely and cleanse well, without stripping my skin of essential natural oils. SoapRocks work nicely for sensitive skin like mine. My skin didn't dry out from using the soap.

Now that I've said some nice things, let's get down to business. The first thing that bothered me about the rocks was the size. The 2oz rocks were so small it took me forever to lather my entire body.

After 2 days of use, the rocks got to be so tiny, it was pointless to try to lather with them. On the other hand, the 6 oz. rocks were so awkward to grasp and kept slipping out of my hands. Grrr.

The second thing that bothered me was the scent. The scent was okay, a kind of Chamomile/Lavender combo, but all the soaps smelled the same. It took me all of 30 seconds before I got really bored with the scent. Well, at least I smelled good after getting out of the tub right? Wrong. I still had to load up on lotion to smell halfway decent.

The company says that each SoapRock lights up under water. HUH?? There was no lighting up of any kind under the water. How disappointing.

Even when the scent was unremarkable and the size awkward, I could still really enjoy these little guys if there was some sort of magical light show (how cool would that be?!).

The company also claims that "over many uses, [the SoapRock] slowly weathers away in your hands like a stream stone in geologic time." Yeah, right. That wasn't the case at all. In fact, from the few uses I got out of each rock, the rock looked and felt less and less like a stone and more and more like a glob. Oh well.....

If I knew somebody who collected rocks, these might make a great gift idea. Or, if I knew somebody whose birthstone was Amethyst or Aquamarine, this would make a cute birthday present. Outside of these two, I cannot think of a good reason to spend six bucks on a SoapRock (or most any other rock, for that matter).

You can check out SoapRocks at and (FYI, has photos and a wider selection; has the better prices).

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