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Six Soaps for Summer
Primal Elements
By Amy Tocchet

Let's skip the fundamentals for a second. I am so excited about this company and their products that I have to hurry up and blurt out these three words: PRIMAL ELEMENTS ROCKS!!!

Okay, now I can continue!

On the Cutting Edge of Soap

Faith and Scott Freeman, founders of Primal Elements, initially owned a bath, body and aromatherapy shop in a small town in Southern California. In 1993 they started designing creative handmade soaps in their kitchen.

Their hip soaps quickly became the talk of the town. Today, things have changed. Primal Elements has moved out of the kitchen and into a huge facility in Huntington Beach where over 80 employees help keep the trendy company on the cutting-edge of soap … and candles, lotions, shower gels, and more!

Primal Elements soaps are made by hand using pure essential oils and/or popular fragrance oils. This hand-made process ensures that every soap is 100% unique! There are over 100 soaps made by Primal Elements (and every time I visit their website, they seem to have new ones).

Sight, smell and feel are the trademark of Primal Elements soaps. The colors and shapes in the soaps combine with amazing scents to create the perfect multi-sensory bathing experience!

All Primal Elements soaps contain vegetable glycerin which I have become totally addicted to. Vegetable glycerin moisturizes the skin with a luxurious lather that rinses away cleanly. 

Perfect for Summer Baths

For this review I tried six Primal Elements soaps that are perfect for summer baths.

Orange Cantaloupe
- sweet cantaloupe with a twist of orange - this is a gorgeous pastel orange bar with glycerin blocks of green and orange cantaloupes and oranges. The scent is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Only Primal Elements would think to combine these two fruits into one bar of soap -the combined scent is purely scrumptious. My favorite bar of soap …all-time!

Tahitian Vanilla
- a sultry Tahitian sunset wrapped in a sweet and creamy vanilla bar. I'm not even a huge vanilla fan and I loved this scent.  It's very sweet. I left the bath smelling and feeling like a scoop of scrumptious vanilla ice cream. A big thumbs up for all you vanilla fans out there.

Pink Lemonade
- I don't know how Primal Elements comes up with these scents. If only the Crystal Light lemonade I drink tasted as good as this soap smells. Sigh! This is the perfect combination of sweet sugar and sour lemon. (I used to enjoy Fresh's Cranberry Lemonade soap but this bar of Primal Elements soap blows that bar to pieces - no comparison whatsoever! Sorry Fresh!)

- a blend of floral notes and crispy leaf greens with a touch of tangerine. This is a pretty bar of white soap with a cute dragonfly flying in the blue sky. This green & fruity combo was a little unusual and it took me a while to really enjoy it, but within a few days this scent really grew on me.

- looks and smells like a real sweet piece of watermelon, seeds and all! For some reason this was the least fragrant of them all but I still felt like I was bathing in a big watermelon with this soap.

- Pikaki is the name of a precious Hawaiian jasmine. This is a gorgeous purple and white bar of soap with glycerin flowers inside. I am not a big jasmine fan but this is a kind of jasmine I've never smelled before and boy did I love this. I tried hard to savor this soap for as long as I could and found myself very sad when I had used it all up.

Getting Creative with the Soap

As a side note, while I sat in the bath for hours and hours with these great soaps (they definitely last longer than the average bar of soap), I discovered a great way to clean my nails. I insert my nails, one by one, into the glycerin soap and my nails come out clean as a whistle.

My nails go into the soap so softly and smoothly, I like the sensation. I suppose this would work with some other soaps but it's just more fun to poke your nails into Primal Elements soaps. Am I odd? Please tell me I'm not the only one who has tried this??!!?!

I also thought of another out of the ordinary idea for these soaps. I loved the scent of the Orange Cantaloupe bar so much that I wanted to smell it more than once a day. I decided to "pop out" all the little oranges and cantaloupes that are in the bar of soap (there were about 8 pieces altogether) and put them all in my soap dish.

Now, every time I wash my hands, I use on of these little oranges or cantaloupes. I get to smell this yummy scent all day long! Talk about a great incentive for washing my hands more frequently!

Shower Gels Too

I was lucky enough to try a bottle of Primal Elements Orange Cantaloupe bath & shower gel. Since I love the Orange Cantaloupe scent, I loved this gel. The shower gels aren't very stunning to look at (the gels don't have multicolor and don't have little oranges and cantaloupes floating around like the soaps do). 

If any company can find a way to add little shapes and different colors to a bottle of bath gel, Primal Elements will find it! As for now, I would definitely recommend buying a bottle of bath & shower gel if you become addicted to the scent of their soaps. For me, the Orange Cantaloupe soap was so tantalizing that the Orange Cantaloupe bath & shower gel was a no-brainer hit.

Museum Quality

This is without a doubt the most creative and energetic bath & body company I've ever come across. Every single one of the 100+ bars of soap is a work of art.

Something is wrong if you do not feel a need to collect them all! In fact, I would pay money to get into a Primal Elements Museum of sorts where I could gaze at and smell all the different soaps. How fun would that be?!

Do yourself a favor and go to and take a peek at their soap collection. Their soaps are conveniently divided into families: Citrus, Decadent, Floral, Fruity, Fruity & Floral, Fresh & Clean, Herbaceous and Oriental.

Imagine all of these wonderful bars of soaps smelling as good as they look (once you've tried Primal Elements, this won't be a strain on your imagination). I personally plan on trying every single one of the 25+ bars in the Fruity family … first. Then I'll surely move on to the Decadent family! This is the kind of goal-setting I LOVE!

Primal Elements soaps (6.8 oz) vary in price depending on the vendor. The lowest prices we found are at ($6.00 a bar).

Once you find a scent that you love (not hard to do), check out the Primal Elements Bath & Shower Gel. A nice 16oz. bottle runs about $15. The Primal Elements website also has a convenient retailer directory for people who want to find a store in their area that carries Primal Elements products.

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