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JellyBath...Try This at Home
By Amy Tocchet

This sounded like such a cool bath product. Bathing in jelly! Talk about adding some pizzazz to bathtime! JellyBath claims to turn your bath into a ďtranslucent, fluffy jellyĒ Ė no more dull water baths! I couldnít wait to try this product!

I had almost given up on trying the Strawberry JellyBath I ordered. This product was shipped a full 15 days after ordering! Not exactly speedy delivery. Given this delay and given the fact that the package instructions were in JAPANESE (!!!), I didnít have high hopes for this product (I have since been assured that my experience was unusual; orders are typically sent out more promptly, with English instructions).

A Huge Fluorescent Pink Glob of Jelly

Despite these setbacks, I was still really excited to try JellyBath. I managed to get the directions in English from the JellyBath website. As instructed, I filled my bathtub 1/3 full with hot water. I then poured the large bag of powder (which looked and smelled JUST like Strawberry Jell-O! YUM!) into the tub and stirred the water (with my feet) for 5 minutes.

Sure enough, within minutes, I was standing in a huge fluorescent pink glob of jelly. This was TOO COOL. I sat down in the tub and swooshed around. There were literally thousands and thousands of little clear balls (kinda like clear cottage cheese!) swimming in the water. I was laughing hysterically with glee!

These balls felt nice against my body. Itís the weirdest sensation bathing with all these little balls in the water (not floating, not sinking, just in between). Another great thing is that the jelly balls retain heat so even after 30 minutes in the bath I didnít have to add more hot water to the tub (something I always have to do when bathing that long). The water never cooled down. That was neat.

You are really in control of how jelly-like you want your bath to be. The less water you pour in, the more solid the jelly becomes. I liked the way my bath turned out, it wasnít too solid; instead, there were thousands of unconnected jelly balls that felt like a massage when I moved my body in the tub.

Some people may like the more solid jelly effect. In this case, fill the tub with a little less than 1/3 of the tub with water. After you add the powder, if you find the water to be too solid, simply add more water. I like the fact that we can toy around with the consistency to suit personal preferences.

I Didn't Want to Get Out

I had a very difficult time getting out of the tub. Sure itís REALLY slippery and you have to watch your step, but that wasnít the difficult part for me. I just had too much fun and didnít want to get out!

When I finally did (40 minutes later), I had a ton of those little balls all over my body but they came off effortlessly with a towel. Included with the JellyBath is a small bag of solvent that you have to add to the water after you get out so that the balls dissolve and donít clog your drain. The instructions say to add the solvent and then wait 15-20 minutes before draining your tub.

I have to admit that I was so pleasantly sleepy from my jelly bath experience that I added the solvent and went right to bed. In the morning, sure enough, all the jelly was gone and the water drained fine.

There are a few things to remember. You have to be careful not to fill your tub more than Ĺ full or you wonít get the neat jelly effect. Also, if you have any cuts on your body, wait until theyíve healed before you jelly up! (I had a deep shaving nick on my ankle that hadnít completely healed and it did sting a little when I initially got in the tub.)

Given how much fun I had bathing in the jelly (and, I have to admit, I let my puppy, Belly, play around in the jelly after I got out Ė and he LOVED it!!), I was thinking what a BLAST JellyBath would be with your significant other.

If you have a nice big tub, definitely use 2 boxes for the full effect. This is a GREAT way to pleasantly surprise your S.O.! Itís fun, creative, and the absolute mood-setter! Another good idea is to save a little bit of the JellyBath powder and give yourself a nice pedicure. I regretted that I didnít save any powder for this.

Aside from the slow shipping and the price ($21 for one servingÖouch!), I wholeheartedly recommend this product. As soon as I find myself a man (!), I am going to buy a few more boxes. This is guaranteed fun!

JellyBath comes in a variety of flavors: Herb Mint, Lavender, Calming Milk, Strawberry and Lemongrass. You can buy it at There is a corny (but cute) instructional video on the site that you can check out.

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