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The Suds Report Newsletter
March 2003

Hello All:

As usual, I have lots to pass on this month, so Iíll get right to it!

New at

We've added two new articles this month. First, read about a fascinating line of vibracuetical bath products in Feel the Power. Then, check out all the wonderful new creations made with honey in Ah, Honey Honey.

Demeter Mother Lode

Demeter is a line of products whose claim to fame is their completely unique (and unusual) fragrance offerings. We have featured Demeter products in a couple of articles, noting that they are available at, and other online merchants. Well, a reader wrote to tell me that Demeterís own site can be found through Yahoo! Shopping.

You can browse and shop there or follow the link to Demeterís main site at Fashion Planet. Either way, youíll find the most extensive Demeter collection Iíve seen anywhere.

Besides their cologne spray, youíll find bath gels, salts and oils, lotion, and even a moth-repelling wardrobe spray. Plus, youíll find their complete list of fragrances, so you wonít miss such gems as Glue, Earthworm, Lobster, Paint, Sawdust or Sushi.

Goat Postscript

After reading our recent article on goat milk products, a reader wrote to tell us about her two favorite goatís milk companies:

"The goat milk soap article mentioned a lot of good companies, but the best goat milk products (including goat milk soaps and lotions) are from Udder Delight, in Arizona. Marcia and Mary at Udder Delight have the creamiest lotion that I've ever used, and their soaps are fantastic. They also make facial and body scrubbing grain blends and specialty creams, all with goat milk. And if there's a particular fragrance or essential oil blend that you want that they don't carry, they will make it for you. Udder Delight has some of the best customer service ever. I cannot say enough good things about them."

"Another company from Arizona, Desert Rose, makes the silkiest and richest goat milk soaps. I haven't found any other soaps that are better. Another good product of theirs is the goat milk lip balm. They also have great customer service."

Seeds: The Future

By now, we are all familiar with the benefits of exfoliating to keep dry skin in check.  davies gate poppy seed scrubCombining an exfoliating agent with a rich moisturizer has also become extremely popular.

First came the salt scrubs; now sugar scrubs seem to be the rage. I personally am a big fan of sugar scrubs. However, I also know that no product remains "the rage" forever.

So, I'm going to make a prediction as to the next big thing in exfoliating scrubs: seeds. Already, I've seen a couple such products: Davies Gate Seeds & Grains Poppy Seed Body Scrub ($25 for 8oz at and Origins' Pomegranate Polish with pomegranate seeds, apricot seeds and Dead Sea salts ($30 for about 20oz at

There are plenty of other interesting seeds out there just waiting to be incorporated into scrubs:  strawberry, cranberry, grape..... If any of you crafters out there are already making some form of "seed scrub", I'd love to hear about it. Meanwhile, remember: You heard it here first.

In Style in a Nutshell

The current issue of In Style magazine features its list of "best beauty buys... products chosen from interviews with more than 100 leading makeup artists, hairstylists, dermatologists and celebrities." Following are their Bath and Body picks (minus all the name-dropping).

Overall Body Lotion:  Kiehl's Creme de Corps
, "an incredibly luxurious buttery lotion containing beta-carotene that makes even your driest areas feel silky smooth."  Find it at (8oz for $24; other sizes available). Kiehl's started in 1851 as an old-world pharmacy in New York City. It developed a very loyal following, and was purchased by L'oreal in 2000.

Inexpensive Body Lotion:
Lubriderm.  "Due to the success of its original formula, the company now offers a whole series of spin-offs, including a firming body lotion, a moisturizer with sun protection and another for severely dry skin."  Find Lubriderm at (10oz for about $6.00).

Heavy-Duty Lotion:
The Body Shop Body Butter, in such scents as nut and body shop body butter mango.  The Body Shop's Web site offers only a few items for sale (under the heading "gifts.")  Fortunately, these do include a nice selection of their body butters ($15 for about 6oz) Visit

Hand Cream:
L'Occitane.  In addition to shea butter, "this French company's top-selling product...also contains almonds, honey and coconut oil, which give it a slightly exotic scent."  Find it at ($20 for about 5oz).

Foot Cream:
The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion won this honor.  "Peppermint is very refreshing and energizing."  At, this lotion is available only as part of a $28 foot gift set. Find it at stores for $8 for 4oz.

Body Oil:
Neutrogena, because it "soaks right in and makes skin feel very soft.  Plus it doesn't run all over your clothes." Find it at (8.5oz for $7.99).

Bath Soak:
Calypso Cosmetics, which may be the most interesting line you've never heard of (I know I hadn't). They are the creation of Marietta Carter-Narcisse, a celebrity makeup artist and native of Barbados. The products are all handmade with a distinct Caribbean flavor. For an interesting description of the line, take a look at this article from Soap and Cosmetics magazine. For more information (and to order products) visit the creator's web site:

Bath/Shower Gel: Kiehl's Liquid Body Cleanser
.  Kiehl's wins another category because its "shower gels leave the skin silky soft and fragrant...The vanilla is one of the best around."  Find it at (about $12 for 8oz).

Body Scrub:
Origins Body Scrub reportedly "delivers that soothing, spa-at-home sensation...conditions and moisturizes the skin after it exfoliates.  And the ginger body scrub gives the skin a warm, tingling sensation."  ($30 for about 21oz)  Origins is available at

Tom's of Maine Natural Deodorant won this somewhat un-glamorous category because " it doesn't contain aluminum, the scents are really great, and it's effective."  (about $4 at

Body Sunscreen:
Banana Boat, which "comes in a wide variety of SPFs and formulas, from lotions to oils to sprays."  (about $7 at

Self-Tanner for the Body:
  Estee' Lauder Go Bronze wins here, because " it  doesn't turn the skin orange...and it can help cover up varicose veins."  Find it at and ($25 for 5oz).

And the Winner Is

Congratulations to our February giveaway winner: Earnie L. from Sewanee, Tennessee, who won Bath Candy, Soap Rolls and a soap holder from

For March, we're giving away a $25 gift certificate from Alabu Soaps, makers of handmade, natural goat milk soap, bath and beauty products. Alabu specializes in soaps and moisturizers for sensitive skin.

In the Works

In the next few weeks, Iíll add my review of Cowgirl Skin Care products, a wonderful line from Colorado. Later, weíll have articles on handmade soaps, bath products for summer, novelty soaps and a selection of products aimed at releasing your inner diva.

Well, thatís about it for now. As always, please e-mail us with any comments or suggestions.

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