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Feel the Power
Vibraceutical Bath and Body Products

By Jill Sterling

"Empower yourself from within" is your directive from Kaliana, founder of the Kaliana™ line of vibraceutical bath and body products.

Kaliana has an impressive resume: she is a certified aromatologist practitioner with 25 years of alternative healing experience and is an integrative therapy and energy specialist. The first product she created was a spray used to help calm a child suffering from separation anxiety at daycare. From this humble beginning, her line has grown to include several different formulas available in a variety of forms.

Her company, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in vibraceutical formulas. According to Kaliana: "Each of our formulas combines aromatherapy with over 100 different vibra-nutrients...tiny amounts of an element, often perceivable only through an electron microscope. They are believed to enhance greater states of well being and improve self-image."  The products promise to provide consumers with a way to reduce stress, quiet the mind, or empower the spirit.

I thought this sounded pretty cool and was ready to experience Kaliana’s remedies. I’m the perfect candidate for products like these because I do believe our bodies can respond to positive input through aromatherapy and things not readily available at your drugstore – hey, they can’t hurt!

Getting back to nature and opening ourselves to different therapies and experiences, even though we may be skeptical and kaliana products slightly scared, can provide benefits we never thought possible. From self-esteem to creativity, Kaliana products promise to deliver healing therapies in a bottle.

Anxious to dive right in and experience the empowering effects of Kaliana products, I tried two Kaliana aura shifter mists ("Breath of Heaven" and "Present Moment") and two bath tonics ("See The Light" and "Wings Of A Child").

And here we go.....

All four products I tried had definitive smells that clearly had an effect on me. Many times I couldn’t place the scent. I turned to the labels for information, and, although some were identifiable (pine needle, almond, lemongrass), ultimately it seems that Kaliana holds the true secret to what lies within…. her exclusive vibraceutical formulas. All four bottles were made of glass (the tonics in green and the aura shifters in blue) with white plastic pumps.

Bath Tonics

The bath tonics are concentrated, non-foaming and designed to relax whole body tension, release old patterns, infuse new patterns and detoxify cells.

I found the Kaliana bath tonics to be a different experience than I’m used to when it comes to bath products designed for soaking in the tub. The tonics don’t foam and their consistency is almost watery/oily.

The key to the experience is to relax and take in the aroma and the warm water as both soothe and "take you away." The smells are potent and lend themselves quite well to opening your mind and your sinuses! Remember to always shake the bottle before use!

My suggestion is to use them when you can honestly take a break and sit quietly in the bathtub. The key to Kaliana bath tonics is the aroma and not the moisturizing and foaming qualities. I didn’t utilize the catalyst crystals (per the bottle, you can also use Epsom salts) which promise to provide deeper effects.

See The Light Bath Tonic promises to help rekindle your hope. In a nutshell, this tonic "don’t play!" if you get my drift. The formula was quite potent. The smell reminded me of a baby’s room – powdery and nice. As far as "seeing the light," it’s going to take me a while to do that.

I do think drifting away in the bathtub with this bath tonic can get you in a nice place to make some plans for the future. I didn’t recognize any of the ingredients listed except two: love and intention. A nice touch and proof that Kaliana’s heart is in the right place and that her products are truly a labor of love.

Wings Of A Child Bath Tonic is intended to help you nurture your dreams. Kaliana suggests this tonic if you want to nurture independence, creativity andwings of child logo positive self-expression. Also made with love and intention, sandalwood and tangerine, this tonic was light and smelled lemony and fresh.

Take a break and nurture your dreams – what a nice sentiment! This tonic was not as strong as "See The Light," but worked well in relaxing me and the smell was very pleasant.

The tonics cost $25 for one bottle of 4 ounce concentrate – Kaliana estimates 20 baths per bottle.

Aura Shifter Mists

Kaliana mists can be used in your home, office, car, hotel, pillows, during exercise, yoga, meditation and on plants. The mists in the Kaliana line are to be sprayed overhead and around the room to uplift energy fields and the environment.

I believe we are greatly affected by the aromas around us. Certain smells conjure good and bad memories and can take us to a different place and time. I am a big fan of burning candles in my house because I love different smells circulating throughout.

Overall, the smells of the Kaliana aura shifter mists are not reminiscent of your well-known fragrance sprays – which of course you wouldn’t expect – and they’re much better. Instead of your standard fare, they are much more concentrated and intense in aroma and effect. Remember to always shake the bottle before use!

present moment logoPresent Moment Aura Shifter Mist promises to quiet your mind, soothe your heart and empower your spirit. This mist was very fresh and uplifting, with a cottony, manly, woodsy scent. I liked it. Looking at the ingredients, I found it contains, among many other things, essential oils from pine needle, jasmine and sandalwood. I sprayed the mist over my head and it did give me a boost and woke me up a bit. When you need an extra something, this mist can get you going.

Breath Of Heaven Aura Shifter Mist was light smelling with a sweet and wonderful smell. The bottle instructs you to spray over your head so a fine mist "falls like the kisses of angels." I really didn’t mind that the mist fell on my skin because it’s cool and fresh. It reminded me of my two and four-year-old nieces after they take a bath – like vanilla and cinnamon. I liked the effect – it was uplifting and made me happy. Ingredients include eucalyptus and lemongrass. Again, this mist gives you a nice boost and helps awaken your creative juices.

The aura shifter mists cost $18 for a 4 ounce bottle which isn’t bad considering a little goes a long way and they last you a while.

The Kaliana line boasts 11 formulas and offers aura shifter mists, bath tonics, body/massage oils, pocket essential concentrates, soy wax candles and catalyst crystals (used with the bath tonics for deeper effects).

You can purchase Kaliana products at (not all products are listed on the web site). I encourage you to contact Kaliana for more information. She is very pleasant to work with.

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