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Hot Fun in the Summertime
By Melissa Miller

If youíre like me, you escape the summer heat by taking more baths and showers. The first thing I do when I walk in the door from the hot outdoors is turn on the shower to cold. Well, technically this is the second thing I do; my first task is to crank the air conditioner up to "maximum cool" and hope I donít blow a fuse.

This summer Iím going to be ready with many refreshing bath and body items to pamper myself so I may quickly regain my ďcoolĒ. Here are some products that can help you survive and thrive during summer weather.

Take a Cold Shower (Please)

Itís imperative to stand under a cool blast of water and wash away that sweaty, hectic day. To add some zing to this process try Carolís Daughter Body Cleansing Gel ($10 for 8oz, $17.50 for 16 oz.), composed of a gentle blend of castile soap and aloe vera.

bliss soapy soapMy favorite cool-down Body Cleansing Gel is Pineapple Watermelon, a delicious perk-me-up that will turn your shower into a tropical waterfall. Well, maybe not a waterfall (especially in my microscopic bathroom), but hey, a girl can pretend!

Another refreshing shower wash is the somewhat pricey Bliss Lemon and Sage Soapy Sap Shower Gel (about $28 at This provides a refreshing lemony lather for those steamy mornings when itís already 80 degrees at 7:00 AM. For delicate, light, fruity scented suds, try Naturals Shower Gel in Pear ($2.99 for 5oz).

Youíre Soaking in It

And I donít mean Palmolive, Madge. I have made it through many a summer swelter by soaking in a cool tub with scented candles, mood music and the perfect, soothing bath treatment.

Aubrey Organics Camomile Bubbles Herbal Bath Oil ($7.25 for 8oz) is an all-natural, gentle, tranquil bubbly soak that will bring your temperature down. And you wonít want to leave the bath when you experience Get Fresh Skinny Dip Mandarin Ginger Bath Salts (about $17 for 16oz at Zesty mandarin orange and ginger will rejuvenate your spirits; youíll forget all about that nasty humidity.

Unwind after a heated day of work with Heavenly Scents Soap Company Refreshing Mint Twist Fizzy ($3.50 for 7oz). Your tub will be full of fizzing, inviting waters scented in peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils, with peppermint leaves.

Fizzies are available in a variety of scents and artful shapes, and made with epsom or finely ground sea salt, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), coconut oil, dried flowers and herbs, or ground almond and oatmeal powder.

Show Some (Exfoliated) Skin

Perlierís exhilarating Kiwi Energy Body Scrub ($24.50 for 16.8oz) is a hot weather must-have. The unique, juicy kiwi scent is invigorating, and will have you up and at Ďem. It sloughs off dead skin, so your skin will be soft, silky and primed for that self-tanning treatment. Use this in the morning with the matching Kiwi Shower Gel Ahava mud($17.50 for 8.4oz, $25 for 16.8oz) and there will be no stopping you.

Give yourself a spa style beauty treatment with Ahava Deep Sea Body Mud ($25 for 2.2lbs). The black mud in the mask is rich in nourishing minerals and deep cleans and exfoliates, leaving your skin smooth, glowing and ready for show in revealing summer wear.

The Soft Touch

Moisturizing in the summer can be tough. Heat, humidity and emollient body lotions often donít go well together. Standing in front of the air conditioner while waiting for body lotion to absorb is not most peopleís idea of a good time.

Spray-on body lotions offer a quick and easy fix for summer skin hydration. Neutrogena Rainbath Moisturizing Body Mist Spray-On Lotion ($5.99 for 8 oz.) provides a light, cool mist of moisture with a delicate citrus scent. Scented body lotions work double-duty on summer skin as they provide moisture and all over fragrance for the scantily clad.

Speziali Fiorentini by Derbe Ultra Rich Body Cream
($19 for 5oz at in Green Tea (a crisp, clean herbal aroma) and in Citrus Blend (a warm mix of lemon, orange, tangerine, citron and bergamot) will have you feeling as if youíre cruising around the Mediterranean. The body cream is moisturizing yet absorbs immediately making it a wonderful summer choice.

For a seaside vacation in a bottle, try 155 South Luxury Apothecary Marine Body Cream ($22 for 8oz at This fragrant moisturizer has an intoxicating, fresh, blue ocean scent with soft citrus undertones. Itís also available in Peony, Casablanca Lily, Melon, Pink Grapefruit and Orange Vanilla.

Get your glow on with Madame Renaud Naturals Glow Lotion for Face and Body ($8 for 4oz). The lotion is all natural and contains mica to give a sexy, sparkly shimmer to your bare arms, legs, shoulders, back and dťcolletage. Available at

Take a Powder

Another way to beat the heat and keep your skin dry and smelling sweet is to use scented body powders. Chandler's Soaps makes lovely, Talc-Free Scented Body Powder with a natural mix of cornstarch, arrowroot and china clay. Mint, Ylang-Ylang, Lemon, Lime, Patchouli and Orange Spice are a few delectable scents offered in these silky powders ($7.50 for 6oz) at

Kiehls also has Talc-Free Body Powder ($13 for 1.3oz) in a variety of fragrances; popular summer picks are Cucumber, Moroccan Jasmine, Tea Rose, Chinese Flowers and Grapefruit.

Youíll be Smelling like a Rose

Perfume tends to wear off more quickly in the summer time. Most eau de toilettes simply do not cut it, as the alcohol evaporates due to the high temperature. For staying power try perfume oils and solid perfumes.

The Soap Opera offers a large selection of Perfume Oils ($4.95 for 1 dram/.125 oz., $7.95 for 2 dram/.25 oz.) with serious staying power. Favorites are China Rain, Mimosa, Cucumber and Wisteria.

perfect scentualizationCreative Scentualization Perfect Veil Perfume Oil ($25 for 1/8 oz., $58 for 1/3 oz.) is my summer standard, with its fresh skin-out-of-the-shower aroma and notes of lemon, bergamot, sandalwood, vanilla and musk.

Creative Scentualization is the creation of perfumer Sarah Horowitz. Her Perfect Perfumes and custom-blends are favorites among celebrities and the rest of us mere mortals.

Solid Perfumes are perfect for travel and tend to last a bit longer on the skin since they donít contain alcohol. LíOccitane Lemon Verbena Solid Perfume ($9 for .25 oz.) is an affordable summer scent favorite. Solid Perfume is also available in Neroli Rose, Orange Blossom, Lotus Flower, Green Tea, Amber and Vanilla.

Body sprays kept in the refrigerator then spritzed all over the body are an icy, refreshing treat. Try Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Body Mist ($6.95 for 8 oz.), a heavenly mix of pineapple, melons, jasmine, rose, ginger musk and sweet vanilla.

Calgon Body Mist is also available in Cool Sunshower, Fresh Sorbet, Hawaiian Ginger, Pear Essence, Morning Glory, Peach, In the Rain, Moon Petal Musk and Turquoise Seas.

For a scent thatís designed just for you, have Cottage Shoppe custom-scent a Body Mist ($4.65 for 4 oz.) in any one or combination of 150 scents. Summer best sellers are Jasmine and Green Tea, Coco-Lime Cooler, Mandarin and Vanilla, Lemon Ginger, Summer Musk and Blackberry Sage Tea.

Give some of these cooling treatments a try. With the right products you can face the heat with a smile and know you are looking good.

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