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Nature Baby
By Tonie Minsal

Howdy-do bathers! These articles focus on natural baby body care, a topic truly dear to my heart.

The baby products reviewed particularly impressed me, as I am very distressed at the fact that the majority of the population slathers their wee ones with such carcinogenic products as mineral oil and talc.

Remember - what is put onto the skin is absorbed into the body. If you're not already using TRULY natural bath and body products on your little ones, I really hope that after reading my reviews you will!

Baby Essentials

Essential Restoratives

Baby Baskets

Debra's Rhapsody

Who Loves Ya Baby

Fairie's Kiss



Mother Me

Muti Oils

These reviews covered just a few of the wonderful, healthy natural baby care products available; with that in mind bathers, I heartily encourage you to scour labels and spend your consumer buck accordingly.

With so much great stuff available, there's just no reason why every baby can't be a Nature Baby!

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