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Baby Baskets
Debra's Rhapsody
By Tonie Minsal

Debra's Rhapsody sent me a sweet little basket of stuff. There was a 1oz jar of Just Butter, a 2oz jar of Baby Healing Butter, 4oz bottles of Newborn Infant Massage Oil and Calming Infant Massage Oil, a 5oz shaker of Soothing Powder, and a Baby Sleep Sachet, all done up in pink and blue ribbon and tulle.

The Baby Sleep Sachet is the coolest; it'sBaby Sleep Sachet a little blue mesh bag with dried rosebuds, lavender, chamomile, and marjoram tied up inside. You just tuck this little gem into your pillowcase and sail off to dream land!

It smells just lovely, and I highly recommend it.  There were two unscented products: the Just Butter and the Newborn Infant Massage Oil.

According to Debbie it takes 4 months for a newborn's liver to develop to the point of being able to effectively process essential oils… interesting. I, as always, prefer fragrance, but the texture of both products is nice, and hey - some folks like unscented stuff! I'd like to point out that nut oils should be used with caution, as some babies are allergic to them.

The Baby Healing Butter has a very nice texture and smells cool due to the Calendula infused Sweet Almond Oil and essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile that it contains. This butter is handy for little tushies, ouchies, or if you need something heavier than a lotion; it's moisturizing and doesn't leave a greasy after feel.

The Calming Infant Massage Oil is very nice - a blend of grapeseed and nut oils scented with a blend of Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Chamomile (all known to have a calming, soothing effect) essential oils, it's very light and nicely scented.

Infant massage is something every mommy should definitely look into - very beneficial. The Soothing Powder has a wonderfully spicy smell and a nice texture due to the arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, and powdered Lavender flowers it contains. As with all of the baby powders in this review, it contains no talc, so it's safe for little lungs.

This little basket of goodies (which sells for $33.00), would make the perfect shower gift - I know I would have loved receiving it! Some of these items are sold separately; you can also buy a smaller gift basket (for $20.00), or a larger one (for $48.00).

Check out this and other cool stuff at Debbie's site


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