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Mother Me
Muti Oils
By Tonie Minsal

I asked Melina Macall where she got the unusual name for her company, Muti Oils; she explained that Muti is a term given to the remedies made by traditional healers in South Africa, as well as meaning "Mother" in some parts of  Muti OilsEurope.

Muti's Baby Soap ($5 per bar) is nice - moisturizing and lightly fragranced. I thought I detected little herbal scrubby bits in there too… looking on the label, I found these to be chamomile flowers.

The Baby Bath Oil ($16 for 4oz) is an interesting blend of lavender and pine essential oils in a grapeseed oil base. I like the light fragrance - it was different.

Muti also makes a Baby Massage Oil ($16 for 4oz) which has essential oils of lavender and Roman chamomile in a grapeseed oil base. This oil is meant to be helpful with colic as well as with assisting your little ones off to dreamland; there are tips on infant massage included on the tag.

The Eczema Care For Kids ($24 for 4 oz.) is a nice little product. The base of grapeseed, rosehip, and other oils blends nicely with lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils, resulting in a nice, light, penetrating oil. While not eczema, I tried this oil on a rashy hive, and it was pleasant and soothing.

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