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Baby Essentials
Essential Restoratives
By Tonie Minsal

I received a bevy of fine products, several from a tried and true winner, Essential Restoratives. First up to bat was ER's Pure Environment Air Spray in Baby Fresh ($7.95 for a 2oz glass spray bottle).

This product is a total winner. It contains distilled water and essential oils of lavender, tangerine, and chamomile. I Essential Restorativeswas sprayin' this stuff in every room of the house - I love it!

The scent lingers too. Essential Restoratives offers over 25 different blends of essential oils, so you can custom scent many of their products. Vicki recommended the Baby Fresh for me, and I must say, it's a very soft, pleasant, calming scent, really nice for the nursery.

One night I got the (I'm sure wholly unoriginal!) idea of spritzing my pillows and sheets with the spray - ahhh! I highly recommend this product!

Pure Baby Powder
by ER ($10.95 for a 6oz shaker bottle) is another winner - wow, this chick really knows what she's doing! Made with pure arrowroot powder and essential oils of chamomile and geranium, it smells just perfect.

The texture is ab fab - very smooth and slippery and silky, not the least bit grainy, as is often the case with natural powders. Babes, Moms and Dads will all love this one.

For the inevitable boo-boos and ouchies in every household, Vicki sent me her Better Now Healing Salve ($8.95 for a 1oz jar). This is a nice little product with soothing ingredients - among them aloe vera oil, comfrey and calendula. I'm a real balm and salve kinda gal, and I like this product. Babes who don't like a lot of fragrance will like it too.

Score another home run for Essential Restoratives with their Pure Baby Lotion ($13.95 for a 4oz pump bottle). Unlike a lot of so-called "natural" baby products, this lotion really is pure.

In addition to apricot kernel oil, shea butter, aloe vera and calendula, it contains essential oils of palmrosa and tangerine, so it smells really light, fresh, and delightful. I love the texture of this lotion - especially the fact that when I use it on my hands and then rinse them with water later, there's still a protective layer left on them. It leaves no greasy residue, just really soft skin. I love this product.

ER's Pure Baby Oil ($11.95 for a 4oz bottle) is another nice product to have on hand. With apricot kernel oil, calendula, and rose essential oil, it's a lovely oil, bath and otherwise, for the whole family. The fragrance is very light.


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