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Baby on Board:
All Natural Pregnancy Products
By Tonie Minsal

Hello World! My gig at Suds Report is to review strictly - and I mean STRICTLY - natural products for all you babes out there who are as obsessed as I am.

So you can rest assured that when Tonie reviews a product, it wonít contain any chemicals, fragrance oils, animal products (well, dead animal products anyway - Iím not opposed to stuff like beeswax and honey!), parabens, etc.

So, that said - letís get on with the fun! I got the enviable first task of reviewing products for pregnant babes. I received stuff from three very cool woman-owned companies: Anastasiaís Ideas, Essential Restoratives and Elemi Skin.

While this is a pregnancy article, please bear in mind, dear bathers, that any and all of these fine products can be used by the entire family at any time. In fact, some of these products are not pregnancy specific, they just happen to fit the bill!

The Queen of all Butters
Anastasiaís Ideas

Drool on Your Pillow
Essential Restoratives

Feel Comfy in your Skin
Elemi Skin

I really want to thank all these babes for making all these fine products. They offer so many great little ways to pamper yourself during this beautiful time of life.

Itís so important to know youíre putting pure, natural, healthy products on your family. Bravo Girls!

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