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Drool on Your Pillow
Essential Restoratives
By Tonie Minsal

Essential Restoratives is a quiet, unassuming line that walks softly and carries a big stick. They had some nice surprises. The owner, Vicki Bedell, really seems to have a lot of integrity and she puts a lot of care into the making of her products.

I particularly love the Mommyís Reflexology Lotion ($8.95 for a 2oz. bottle). I never would have chosen this product for myself, and Iím so glad that Vicki sent it for me to try.

I usually run screaming from anything with verbena in it - too sharp for me - but Vicki has blended it just right, along with distilled lime water, shea butter, and sweet orange, neroli, and bergamot essential oils. I really get the effect of smelling fresh limes on a tree every time I use this product. She even included a nifty little  reflexology chart, which Iím sure I used totally wrong.

AEssential Restorativesnyway, I massaged my feet and hands with the lotion when I got into bed. The lotion was slippery enough to allow for a nice, long massage.

Much to my surprise, I fell asleep in five minutes and proceeded to drool on my pillow! This product is so cool that itís something Iíd use even if I werenít pregnant.

I highly recommend it. My only complaint is that Vicki doesnít include a masseuse with every bottle!

Mommyís Belly Butter
($19.95 for a 4oz jar) is a really nice all purpose butter. It contains coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and vitamin E.

This butter has a really nice consistency, and itís not at all greasy. It has a nice cocoa butter smell, and itís the ideal products for girls who donít want a lot of fragrance. If you find it to be a bit pricey - hey - drop some heavy hints around baby shower time!

Mommyís Pregnancy Massage Oil
($6.95 for a 2oz. bottle) combines sweet almond and coconut oils with essential oils of mandarin, bergamot, ylang ylang and rosewood. The ylang is what comes through on this one.

By the way, Iíve been finding ylang to be very beneficial to a good nightís sleep lately. This is a nice, light, all purpose massage oil with a light, pleasant fragrance.

Vicki was also thoughtful enough to include a bottle of her Mommyís Perineum Massage Oil ($6.95 for a 2oz bottle) for me to try. It combines olive and coconut oils with sandalwood (another one of my personal faves - oil from the wood of the sandalwood tree - very woody and lasting) and neroli essential oils.

All Iím going to say about this product is that I love it - it smells great, it works great, and you are NOT allowed to create a mental picture of me using it!

I was so excited to try Vickiís Deeply Heaven Cape Cod Bath Salts ($3.25 for a 1
Ĺoz envelope), as they smelled great in the envelope. With a blend of ylang ylang, clary sage, and rose essential oils, I was really looking forward to a hot, fragrant bath.

Alas, I think there just wasnít enough in the little envelope for me to make a fair assessment of this product; I would say with a lot of it in your bath it might be great, but I just couldnít tell. Wahhh!

Labour of Love

Vicki also makes labour versions of two of her pregnancy products: Mommyís Labor Reflexology Lotion ($8.95 for a 2oz bottle), and Mommyís Labor Massage Oil ($6.95 for a 2oz bottle).

These products are much the same as the pregnancy versions, with the addition of jasmine, (a known soother during labour), lavender (calming), and clary sage essential oils.

These are nice products to have on hand during labour and delivery (so that others can pamper you!).


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