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The Queen of all Butters
Anastasia's Ideas
By Tonie Minsal

Lest you think I wax too effusive, let me preface my review of Anastasia's Ideas by saying that I am A) not related to her, and B) do not own stock in her company! That said, there is just one word to describe this babe's products: AWE-SOME!

I've been using her Body Butters throughout my pregnancy, and I don't have one single stretch mark! Woo-Hoo! This chick and her products are definitely funk-doobious; there's a kind of a Stevie Nicks, gypsy-like vibe to everything she does. Ana's products are not of the assembly line variety- I love that!

You may buy a butter one month and have it arrive in a blue jar, and the next month it comes in a white one! Or she might use cocoa butter in a recipe one time, and babassu oil the next. Ana follows her creative vibe when making her products, and I love the way her spontaneity keeps me hopping!

I've tried a lot of her butters, and all I can say is "Ana, where have you been all my life?!" Here's just one of the reasons I love her: all of the other companies, God bless 'em, send out such sweet little pretty stuff, like Mommy this and Belly that and angels and birdies. What does Anastasia send out? Gnarly B*tch Body Butter! (Can I say that? This is a family site!) I love this girl!

Anyway - here's a rundown on Ana's butters: the Gnarly B*tch has a cocoa butter base with vanilla absolute, patchouli, white rose, and bergamot (oil expressed from the rind of the Seville orange) essential oils (my favorite tea, Earl Grey, is flavored with oil of bergamot!).

It smells just warm and yummy, like a dessert. The texture is fabu, really moisturizing and soothing, but not all greasy and gross. You can use this, and all of Ana's Butters, not only on your belly, but on your hands, feet, legs, face, and hair. At $10.00 for a 2oz. jar, it's worth every penny.

Next comes Ana's Pure Organic Body Butter ($10.00 for a 2oz jar). Due to the neroli extra essential oil it contains, I love the fragrance of this butter, and so does my husband.

Neroli is the blossom of the bitter orange, and it's just heavenly - very floral, sweet, and deep. It also contains essential oils of sweet orange and geranium, so it's very fresh, and patchouli, so it has a base with staying power. Patchouli is that dirty hippie Indian scarf smell - one of my personal faves - but the floral and citrus are what comes through in this blend - me likee!

You can totally use this on your hands before you run out the door, and there's no yucky, sticky, greasy residue to get in your way. Only a lovely scent that you can keep sniffing as you drive (or run, or walk!), and nice, smooth, moisturized skin.

Ana makes a pretty sinful Patchouli Linden Blossom Butter ($12.99 for a 4oz jar). This butter is whipped, so it has a different texture. Because this is a heavier butterpatchouli linden butter with more of a buttery residue, I like to use it apres' bain and before bed.

It leaves a wicked smell that lasts, and it leaves your skin all velvety. The fragrance is to die for- patchouli topped with linden may be my all time personal fave - linden is the delicate fragrance of the lime blossom (NOT lime - please don't confuse the two!), and it is so light and beautiful and floaty and lasting.

This butter has all the right patchouli undertones with a wonderful linden top note - a heavy base with wonderful staying power and linden that floats above… be-yoo-ti-ful!!!

Anastasia's Ideas also has some radical soft Ugandan Shea Butters with rose wax, patchouli, and orange blossom wax ($12.99 for a 2oz jar). I tried the rose one, and let me tell you, it is absolutely addicting!

It has such a nice consistency - it just glides on and melts right into your skin. Great for bellies, hands, cuticles, feet, ouchies - you name it! By the way, shea butter is great for the prevention of scars.

As much as I liked all the products from all the different companies, I have to tell you dear bathers - it's Ana's jars that are always the empty ones by my bed. Her stuff is just so great - the ones I always reach for.

I've been around the natural beauty block a time or three in my day, and I've used a plethora of products; nobody does it better than Anastasia Crabtree. I humbly bow to the Queen of all Butters.

Ana also makes radical soaps, candles, incense and other cool stuff. She even offers a workshop. Sign up for her newsletter - it's always full of interesting musings from Ana and sometimes her husband.

So now you know where to get some of the coolest all natural handmade products on the planet.


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