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Feel Comfy in Your Skin
Elemi Skin
By Tonie Minsal

Elemi Skin (pronounced ee-lay-me) in Yoruba means "of life, with life, having life."  How fitting, then, that they should make products for use during pregnancy.

Elemi Skin is owned by a real sweet chick named Rashida. Customer service here is tops. Thatís a big deal to me, as I really like personal service and attention.

The coolest product Rashida sent to try was the Soothing Belly Butter ($15.95 for a 4oz. jar), this product rocks! It contains a host of natural soothers like avocado oil and aloe vera, shea and cocoa butters, and essential oils of lavender, neroli, tangerine and geranium.

I donít know if itís the aloe vera or what, but this product actually feels cool and watery when you put it on. It really did soothe my skin. Rashida has a way with blending oils; she creates a moisturizing blend thatís not too greasy. Plus it smells nice and light.

Pregnant babes know that there are times when you just want to feel comfy in your skin, and when that time hits you, this is the product to use. Elemi also scores extra points for putting this and several other products in glass jars, because, as we all know, plastic is evil! (P.S.- this product works great as an apresí waxing soother too!)

Elemi Skin also makes a Stretch Mark Oil ($16.95 for a 4oz. bottle) that contains camellia oil, which I understand is high in linoleic acid. It also contains avocado oil, neroli, mandarin and tangerine essential oils.

I love the way so many of these pregnancy products contain neroli! Lucky me, huh? Again, Rashida shows her expertise at blending oils- this is a winner. Smells great, great texture, not greasy.

The Shea Belly Balm ($10.95 for a 4oz. tin) is a product for girls who donít like any fragrance when theyíre pregnant. I personally love a lot of good fragrance in my products.

The batch of belly balm that I got was just the tiniest bit grainy, which may have to do with the way the butters were heated in the making of the product. The graininess did go away as I massaged the butter in, but I must say, I prefer the Soothing Belly Butter to the Belly Balm.

This product is worth a try if you canít stand any scent when youíre avec bebeí though, because the end result is okay.

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