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Pouf...You're Gone!
Loofahs, Mittens and Scrubber Cloths

By Jill Sterling

For years now, with my shower gel, I've been using those scrunchy things you can buy at your local drugstore for around $1.99, or that frequently come free with the purchase of a body wash.

I was somewhat disturbed recently to discover that the official name for these nylon scrunchy mesh sponges is "bath pouf." That knowledge alone was enough to prompt me to try some other alternatives.

Living in Chicago, my skin can get pretty dry in the wintertime, especially my legs and arms. That's why scrubbing away dead skin and getting a nice massage in the process is a nice combination.

Like a Massage
LeClaire & Bayot Sisal Mitt

Two Loofahs
Earth Therapeutics Loofahs

From the Woven Fibers of the Maguey Plant
European Soaps' Ayate Fiber Body Scrubber Cloth

100+ Choices

If you're in search of a "bath pouf" substitute but don't see anything here that appeals to you, check out the extensive selection of items available from retailers online using your favorite search engine (I found about 120 such products, grouped into sponges, brushes, loofahs, mitts and towels).

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