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Two Loofahs
Earth Therapeutics
By Jill Sterling

I tried two different versions of Earth Therapeutics loofah pads. According to the product information, Earth Therapeutics cultivates the highest qualify loofah plants in the world.

All Earth Therapeutics loofah bath accessories come from plants which grow in the richest soils and most temperate climates. I like the sound of that! The Earth Therapeutics Oval Terry Puff Loofah Pad (around $2.99) was great.

It's an oval shaped pad covered with cloth with a loofah covering one side. It has a strap to loop your hand through.

The pad is rather thick and it absorbs the gel (or soap), so your product lasts longer and you can really work up a good lather.

I don't always use the strap because it's not really a necessary part of the pad. This loofah pad is the perfect combination of exfoliating and cleansing - not too rough and not too soft.

Over time, the pad gets scrunched up inside its covering, making the pad not as firm and more like a ball. That means it's time for a new one! At $2.99 you can't go wrong.

The Earth Therapeutics 7-inch Loofah Sponge (about $1.99) was effective in sloughing off old skin and worked well with gels in the shower.

You can bend it to a degree but it is obviously not as pliable as a washcloth. I used it on my legs and arms but obviously found it awkward when maneuvering it to reach the nooks and crannies of my body. At a cost of $1.99, not bad to have on hand.

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