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Like a Massage
LeClaire & Bayot Sisal Mitt
By Jill Sterling

I found this with the LeClaire & Bayot Sisal  Mitt (around $4.50). The mitt is made of sisal, which resembles yarn, and it's woven so it isn't solid - it has holes that you can see through.

It actually did feel like a massage, especially on my back - where I think I carry a lot of tension, and on my feet it felt great! If you rub too hard you'll see a redness in your skin and may inadvertently overdo it.

So, I'd definitely recommend using it every other day, especially in the winter when the skin is particularly dry.

Although does not give a lot of information on the specifics of this product, they do point out that LeClaire & Bayot products are "used the world over for their simple elegance and functionality." I think the mitt is functional; I don't know about elegant. I just know it works!

I thought it did a good job of getting me clean and the mitten softens up after about ten uses. Depending on the bath product you're using, the mitten lets you work up a great lather.

I felt clean and good after using this product! Priced at $4.50, it's an inexpensive alternative to your everyday scrubbing apparatus. This is a product that can be used by men or women.

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