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From the Woven Fibers of the Maguey Plant
Ayate Natural Wash Cloth
By Jill Sterling

Finally, I tried European Soaps' Ayate Natural Wash Cloth (about $6.00). An ayate is defined as a handmade body scrubber from the woven fibers of the maguey plant. This is a flat hard scrubby cloth.

Ayate fiber wash clothWhen you receive it, it's a large fibrous cloth resembling cheesecloth. Before the first use, you are instructed to soak the ayate cloth for several minutes to shrink it.

The wash cloth shrank to about half the size, and even when wet, stayed relatively stiff and unworkable and curled up around the edges of the cloth.

Rubbing the natural fiber wash cloth on your back and feet feels fabulous, but can be a little rough on other parts.

I liked using it with a bar of soap wrapped inside it as opposed to using it with bath gels.

Again, not be used every day, as it can cause a redness in the skin if you rub too hard, which I inevitably did. At $6.00 from, I think you would get as much satisfaction from other products I've reviewed at a more reasonable price.

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