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Chocolate Treats for Winter
By Lisa Link

The brisk winds of winter were a bit late in arriving to the Midwest, but considering the deluge in states like Minnesota and New York, the inevitable deep freeze arrived as expected. Bleh! Extreme weather of any sort, be it very cold or hot, is just not my thing.

While my nose tends to crave light, fruity, herbal scents in warm weather, I make a hasty retreat to rich, sweet scents during the colder months. Consequently, my body care cabinet gets a seriously thorough rotation come fall. A perfect excuse for trying new bath and body products to pamper my winter-whipped skin.

Considering my certifiable chocoholic status (people who really love me bring offerings from Godiva) I was delighted to try a wide assortment of rich chocolate body goodies. The list is long, and the products delicious (and calorie-free!), so brew yourself some cocoa (or open the Swiss Miss package, for goddess sake!) and read on.

Chocolate + Orange = Yummy

Fresh Chocolate

Eau de Brownie
Demeter Fragrances

Chocolate Bars
Handmade Soaps

Chocolate Cream
Lotions and Moisturizers

And with that, still dizzy from all the delicious chocolate fragrances, I'll wind up this set of reviews. Be sure to pamper yourself as necessary!

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