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Fresh Chocolate

By Lisa Link

Fresh makes some of my very favorite products, so I was ecstatic to try this trio. I am impressed that Fresh has managed to make me LOVE all their products (the ones I've tried, at least) despite their often-hefty price tag.

fresh chocolate bath foamFresh Milk Chocolate Bath Foam ($28 for 15.5 oz.) smells just like its name (the chocolate scent is creamy, and not too intense) and produces more bubbles than any bath foam I've ever used. And oh, do they last! 40 minutes into my soak, and I'm still surrounded by bubbles, even if I drain some water and add more hot.

When I emerged from my watery respite, I was rewarded with very soft skin, thanks to all the shea butter in this formula. There are plenty of scents to choose from in the Milk line, if chocolate isn't your gig, but I do recommend this item highly.

The Chocolate Darjeeling and Chocolate Pear Bath Foams from fresh's "Fleurs de Chocolat" line are really amazing. Although these formulas do not bubble as profusely as the "Milk" line, they make a respectably sudsy bath.

They also smell very sophisticated and complex. Any chocolate aficionado would appreciate the rich, tea-scented Darjeeling blend, or the mellow fruitiness of the Pear blend. Either one will leave your skin hydrated and happy, and since both scents are delicious in their own right, just get both!

Yes, I am quite aware that I am a very naughty enabler to you product junkies, but misery loves company, so que sera, sera. Your best bet for finding these bath foams is probably at


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