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Chocolate Cream
Lotions and Moisturizers
By Lisa Link

Now that we've cleansed, it's time to moisturize! I tried two fabulous chocolate moisturizers to round out my product testing.

Madame Renaud Naturals

Madame Renaud Naturals is a charming company that specializes in all-natural products. They don't stop at just cleansing and moisturizing; they have a wide variety of body care ointments, balms, and other goodies to address all sorts of skin maladies.

Their Peppermint Patty Body Butter (4 oz. for $9.00) is actually a very rich cream that smells just like chocolate-mint ice cream. While it is very thick, it absorbs into the skin nicely, and does not leave a greasy after-feel. Although it might just be too rich for warm weather, it is just what my skin craves in this Midwestern tundra.

According to Renaud, the peppermint scent "is ideal for people who want to be mentally and physically alert for activities that demand focus, like sports, driving and studying."

Madame Renaud also offers a body wash and body lotion in the same scent. Visit them online at

Caerlon Gardens

The Mocha Lotion Solid Lotion Stick by Caerlon Gardens is a super choice if you don't like the mess of liquid moisturizers, or if you travel lots and don't need the added worry of open bottles in luggage.

The packaging is your average "dial" type container; the product advances as you turn it. You can run it over your skin in long, smooth strokes, then use your hands to massage it in. It moisturizes very nicely, smells creamy and delicious, and is super-convenient. I love this item! A must for all you traveling types.

Speaking of travels, a visit to Caerlon Gardens' Web site is definitely worth the trip. There you'll find sections on soap myths, pictures of drying herbs and curing soaps, and a tongue-in-cheek tale of Saponica, the patron saint of soapmakers.

And with that, still dizzy from all the delicious chocolate fragrances, I'll wind up this set of Chocolate Bath & Body product reviews. Stay warm this winter, and be sure to pamper yourself as necessary.

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