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September 2002

Hello All:

Happy Labor Day weekend! I for one am happy to see the unofficial end of summer, and hope that cooler weather is on its way (I'm beginning to stockpile the moisturizer!).

On a totally non-soap-related note, I just returned from my 20th (yikes!) high school reunion in my old hometown. All I can say is, what an emotional jolt! Coming back home, I felt like I was exiting a time warp. Let me just say I'm glad to be back.

New at

We've added two new articles this month: First, check out some fabulous natural products aimed at pregnant women, but useful for just about anyone, in Baby on Board.

Then, read the latest in our series on small online beauty merchants: From Europe with Love, featuring some luxurious European products offered by stateside merchants.

And the Winner Is

Congratulations to our August giveaway winner: Helen Lacina from Victoria, Texas.  Helen won sugar scrub and body icing.

On September 15, 3 winners will be chosen to receive "Present Moment" Bath Tonics from Kaliana.

One for the Road / You CAN Take it with You / Have Soap, Will Travel / Good to Go

Sorry, I just couldn't decide on a heading for this section...I liked them all (maybe I need a vacation)! Anyway, you get the idea: When you're away from home, it's still nice to enjoy your favorite bath and body products. But, who is really crazy enough to pack a jar of gooey cream or sugar scrub in a gym bag or suitcase (okay, I see a few hands going up)?  Even if you use a baggie, you're still likely to have a mess on your hands, or, at the very least, wasted product.

Happily, companies are beginning to respond to our need for bath and body mobility.  Of course, "travel sizes" of products have been around for awhile, but they really don't fully address the problem.  Most are just as likely to leak as their larger counterparts. What I've noticed  Not Soap Radio Portable Panacealately are more "single use" packages.

For instance, now offers its wildly popular Brown Sugar Body Polish in a "travel pack" containing five individual packets.

Also on the horizon: The creative women who brought us Not Soap Radio bath and shower gel have created "Portable Panacea", a new line including exfoliating, shaving and moisturizing products in travel-friendly packages that they promise will not leak.

I have yet to try out these products, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they live up to their claims!

One final note, in case anyone in the hotel industry is listening, here is something I would love to see: instead of filling vending machines and in-room fridges with fattening snacks and alcohol, why not offer luxurious single-use pampering products such as sugar scrubs, face masks, an inflatable foot tub and salts, hand cream and gloves, maybe a candle or two?

I suspect I'm not the only woman out there who would love to take advantage of such offerings on the (very rare) occasions when I find myself staying at a hotel alone.

Lucky Dogs

I'm going to venture outside of our main focus with this one; I am speaking of real dogs. My sense is that we bath and body lovers are not selfish... we love to spread the joy of pampering to our family, friends and yes, pets. So, when I came across the Grrrooom Dog line of spa products for dogs, I just had to include it at Sudsgrrroom dog products Report.

Sevi Kay, the delightful creator of the Grrroom Dog line, developed the products after her German Shepherd, Mundo, had a severe allergic reaction to a commercial carpet freshener.

Like the creators of so many wonderful human body care lines, Sevi began in her own kitchen with carefully-chosen natural ingredients.

Since then, the company has grown into a
"tiny earth-friendly canine company."

A visit to Grroom Dog's web site,, will surely bring a smile to your face. The site features lots of information about the company and its products, as well as plenty of canine-related links and a letter from the "canine editor" who asks "Hey, who are you calling a dog?" If you have any doubt that Sevi Kay is in tune with dogs, just read this newsletter.  You will swear it was written by a dog (okay, maybe it was).

As it happens, I don't have a dog, so I turned to my sister-in-law Laura for help evaluating this line. Laura has four canine companions of various shapes and sizes, so I knew she would be perfect for the job.

Her report: she and her dogs thoroughly enjoyed these goodies. Laura was impressed with the company's animal-friendly policies: no animal testing or use of animal ingredients. She also noted that the scents are refreshingly light, not overpowering like many products for dogs. A couple of her favorites: the Flower Power candle ("for the garden loving pooch") and the Happy Dog botanical shampoo.

Welcome Our New SudsReporter

She's Tonie Minsal; her first article, Natural Products During Pregnancy, went up this month. Tonie lives in the Los Angeles area, and is completely committed to using all-natural products. I think she'll make a great addition to our panel. Find out more about Tonie.

Well, thatís about it for now. As always, please e-mail us with any comments or suggestions.

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