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How Sweet It Is: Sugar Scrubs
By Debbie Steele

I love the idea of exfoliating to remove rough, dead skin. I have tried a wide variety of exfoliating substances, including ground walnut shells, salt, loofah bits, cornmeal and ground pumice.

I've discovered that some of these ingredients can be a little harsh. I was intrigued, then, to hear a claim that sugar is a non-drying exfoliant. In addition, sugar scrubs typically contain an abundance of oil, so they promise to be very moisturizing. Still, I had reservations.

Would these products make my skin feel velvety soft, or just be a gooey mess? Well, after trying several sugar scrubs, I'm happy to report that overall, these products are both enjoyable and effective.

Leader of the Pack

Sugar for Less
Aromaleigh & A Zaftig Woman

Sugar and Clean
The Good Home Company

Sugar Scrub Lite


I'll conclude with this thought: If the idea of a sugar scrub appeals to you at all, then by all means try one, either one of those mentioned here or another offering. They are truly a unique and functional addition to your home spa arsenal.

Post Script:
Read about another company that's doing some nice things with sugar scrubs:, in our February newsletter.

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