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Sugar and Clean
The Good Home Co.
By Debbie Steele

I next tried The Good Home Company's Sugar Rush Body Scrub ($16 for 8oz.). The Good Home Company is a small New York company with a very creative collection of products.

According to the company, "A love of cooking is an inspiration in every item and common kitchen ingredients like olive oil, lemon juice and salt are found in many of our products."

They use some very clevergood home co. sugar scrub packaging, like putting body powder in old-fashioned sugar dispensers. In addition to bath and body products, they also sell some interesting home products like sheet spray and dryer sachets.

The sugar rush body scrub is an entirely different animal from the first three body polishes I tried. Rather than coarse granules of sugar, this scrub contains fine grains, like table sugar, and so provides much more gentle exfoliation.

It also is not as oil-rich, and so does not provide quite the same intense moisturizing (and doesn't leave the tub quite so treacherous). However, unlike the body polish, this scrub contains soap, so it can serve as a one-step bath treatment.

It is packaged in a convenient plastic bottle, and has a sharp, tangy smell, probably from its lime and grapefruit oils. In the shower, it feels incredibly soft, gooey and rich, and makes a respectable lather.

My skin felt nicely moisturized after using it. Perhaps my favorite part: after showering with this scrub, I noticed a lingering sweet smell on my skin for quite awhile. Visit for more information.


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