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Have it Your Way:
Custom Blended Products
By Gigi Brewer

Some of you may remember the hamburger jingle, "Have it your way!" Many of today's businesses have jumped on the same bandwagon, striving to meet the individual tastes of the modern consumer with "custom-made" products.

Custom designed bath and body products are part of this growing trend and many companies are now offering such services online. For this article, I sampled products from two such websites: and

100 Scents

10 Questions

So What is Custom?

What I learned from this entire exercise was that there is a big variation in what is meant by "custom" products. I think some might consider it somewhat misleading to call a product "custom-scented" when what that really means is that there are 100 choices from which to choose.

Therefore, in my mind, although I preferred them over all, I can't really say that the products from the Soap Opera were truly "custom products." Although I didn't like the product from Reflect as well, (I'm not sure why, although the fact that I couldn't tell if it was "creamy floral" or "vanilla orchard" might have had something to do with it), I felt it truly was a "custom-designed" product. A combination of the services both sites offer would be the ideal.

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