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10 Questions
By Gigi Brewer offers a number of bath and body products along with a variety of cosmetics. These products are custom designed in response to input offered by the online consumer.

Like the Soap Opera, the site is user friendly. However, I must admit I balked at paying $19.00 for 10 oz of body wash at the Reflect website. Although, when I figured out that the asking price of $5.95 for body wash at the Soap Opera would work out to $14.88 for 10 oz, I had to admit that the prices were somewhat comparable.

Customers are urged to "Create one of a kind beauty products at We ask you questions; you tell us what you need and want." I settled on body wash and was asked a series of questions:

1. "How do your legs feel?" (very dry/dry/dry/oil combination/oily/very oily, normal).
2. "Do you want your bath/shower products to treat dry skin?" (strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree nor disagree, agree, strongly agree)
3. "How much fragrance do you like in your body wash?" (a lot, a little, none)
4. "How does your skin tend to feel?" (dry, combination, oily, normal)
5. "Do you like your body wash to be very foamy?" (yes/no)
6. "Do you like your body wash to rinse off quickly?" (yes/no)

After answering these questions, the consumer is asked to click on "submit", presumably while the product is being individually designed. Next, the buyer is asked these questions:

1. "Which bottle shape is most appealing?" (There are two choices)
2. "Which scent do you like?" (creamy floral or vanilla orchard)
3. "Which package accent do you like?" (This is a sticker that goes around the bottle)
4. "What would you like to name your product?"

Pretty Paper

The product took a little bit longer to arrive than the products from The Soap Opera. When I received the package, it was apparent that a significant portion of the $19.00 asking price goes to the price of packaging.

If you order a gift for someone from this site, don't bother to ask for gift wrap. It essentially arrives gift wrapped in a wonderful flower-covered cylindrical container. Instead of bubble wrap, the plastic bottle of body wash was wrapped in sheets of blue, green, and yellow tissue paper.

The bottle was very appealing and was labeled with a rather unimaginative title of my own choosing: "Gigi's Revitalizing Body Wash" (I supplied the Gigi, they supplied the rest!). After my daily run, I drew a nice hot bath, and squirted some of the body wash on my scrubbie gizmo.

My first impression was that it had the consistency of body lotion. My second was that I couldn't tell from the way it smelled whether it was "creamy floral" or "vanilla orchard." It actually smelled quite like Dove Body Wash, a scent I don't happen to find very appealing.

It did seem to be designed to treat my sometimes dry skin and I was not disappointed in the amount of foam it produced (Lots! As I had requested). The scent, as unappealing as I found it, was at the level of intensity I had requested.

On the other hand, I can't say it "rinsed off quickly." Unlike the product from the Soap Opera, which did rinse off quickly and completely, I was left, not with the usual "bar soap film" feeling, but a moisturizer film feeling.

In all fairness to the folks at, it may be that my choice of having a product that would work on my dry legs was not compatible with my desire to have it rinse off quickly and completely.

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