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100 Scents
By Gigi Brewer is an online service of a store in Madison, Wisconsin. The website offers a variety of products, including soaps, lotions, bubble bath, body wash and bath accessories.

The Soap Opera - Madison WisconsinMany of these products are available as either "pre-scented, custom scented or no-scented." The website is easy to navigate and 100 scents are offered via pull-down menus.

The products arrived within several days and were very reasonably priced ($5.95 for 4oz of body wash/bubble bath, $5.85 for 4oz of lotion; larger sizes are available and comparably priced).

I sampled Custom-Scented Total Body Shampoo in two scents: Sweet Pea and Forest Rain. According to the label, this is "a gentle and mild cleaner for both the body and the hair" and claims to leave "skin feeling soft, clean and fresh," and is pH balanced from 6.5-6.8.

Because the products are free of dyes, the color is not particularly appealing. However, the products did do as the label claimed, and my skin did feel fresh and free from soap film.

I also sampled Custom-Scented Bubble Bath and Shower Gel in two scents: New Mown Hay and Ocean Rain. According to the label, this bubble bath is "enriched with humectant moisturizers that help your skin draw in moisture to protect it from drying." While I was not particularly impressed by the amount of bubbles produced, the bubbles did last a reasonably long time.

Unlike some mass-produced bubble baths, whose scent seems to dissipate within seconds, the scent in this bubble bath lasted the entire time, and filled the room. "It sure smells good in here!" my husband noted when he came in the room.

I also sampled two lotions: Aloe Vera Gel and Safflower Oil Moisture Lotion in the New Mown Hay scent and Vitamin Rich Skin Moisturizer with Corn Flower Extract in the Ocean Rain scent.

The biggest difference I noted was that the first has a rather watery consistency, while the latter is somewhat thicker. Because I like a thicker consistency, I preferred the moisturizing lotion with the Corn Flower extract, but this is strictly a matter of personal choice.


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