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Tonie's 3 Favorite Bath and Body Products
By Tonie Minsal

My 3 favorites are a bit unorthodox, due to the fact that I’m a glutton! I couldn’t pick just 3 favorite products per se, but I did manage to narrow it down to my 3 favorite companies (well, 4 to be honest- I couldn’t decide between perfume & essential oils!) These companies offer such cool goods that I’m sure you bathers out there will excuse my transgression!

My all time favorite bath and body product is any of the butters ($10.00- $12.99 each) that Anastasia Crabtree at Anastasia’s Ideas makes. They’re positively sinful. I’m beginning to feel that Ana and I share an olfactory brain, because I am just a pig when it comes to products that are lusciously scented with essential oils- my philosophy is “more is better!”- and Ana’s products never disappoint. The ingredients she uses are top drawer, and she never skimps. Her stuff is ethereal and cosmic, and just, well, in a word, perfect.

You can check out my review of Ana’s Butters on the site - besides those mentioned, she makes some to-die-for pure shea butters fragranced with patchouli, orange blossom, and an orange blossom blend. Heaven on Earth, I tell ya’!

These butters are so cool because they are multi-purpose. You can slather them on after a bath or shower, you can rub them all over yourself before bed, you can put them in your hair, you can use them as a lip balm and a cuticle cream, and they smell so ding-dang lovely that they can even be used as perfume (but does that suffice for me? Oh nooo! I gotta top ‘em with some more oils!).  Ana has one of the finest “noses” I’ve ever encountered. Her butters never compete with my scent of choice, only serve to enhance it.

For smelly good stuff of a different kind, it’s Aimee at Persephone’s Potions for me. Man oh man, this babe has a beautiful nose. She makes up stuff with aged oils that knock my freakin’ socks off. There’s a really Egyptian, magical vibe to Aimee’s stuff.

Although I’ve only had the opportunity to try two of her products, they’re so cool that they qualify as favorites. I love the ancient smell of her unguentii ($38.00 for a 4oz slip tin); a perfume balm handcrafted in the tradition of the ancient Egyptians. I also have an oil from Aimee which is a fifteen year old rose infusion with rose absolute and sandalwood that is to die for.

Some of my other personal must-haves are my perfume oils and essential oils. Patchouli, sandalwood, linden, and neroli at all times, with an addendum of frankincense, amber, chypre, and whatever else happens to tickle my fancy at any given moment.

Perfume and essential oils are so ephemeral, it’s really like a little quest every time you purchase one. Quality depends on so many factors: region, seasonal fluctuations, growing conditions, not to mention distillation processes. It’s an art akin to winemaking. It’s always nice to have a few good suppliers whose quality you can depend on.

Talisman ( is one such company; I’ve used their Madini perfume oils for over fifteen years and have always been satisfied. Madini is a Morrocan perfume family, and Talisman is their sole importer.

The Madini family has been making perfume for fourteen generations, and it shows. What Madini does with their oils is nothing short of beautiful artwork. The oils are the best I’ve ever used- very lasting and very unique.

With over one hundred offerings, Talisman’s selection is unparalleled and the owner John is really cool and helpful. At $15.00 for a 3 ml. roll-on bottle, there’s just no way you can go wrong. I always get compliments on how good I smell, and Madini oils are one of the reasons why. is a good source for essential oils. The owner, Rosanne, really knows her oils, and she has a ton to choose from. I always like it when an essential oil supplier can dialogue with me and help me choose the right oil - Rosanne has this talent. What a cool chick she is, very interesting to talk to and extremely helpful.

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