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The Suds Reporters
Jill Bowling

A Franchise Marketing Manager, Jill Bowling lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two sons. She has extremely sensitive skin that just developed over the past 10 years.

"I grew up baking in the sun with no regard to skin care. I could wear any product without irritation. In college I tried using a self-tanning product and broke out with a horrible, itchy rash. From that point forward my skin has been sensitive to everything from make-up, lotions and soaps to certain fragrances."

(FYI--She is allergic to the ingredient that turns your skin brown, not the fragrance, moisturizer, etc.).

Although she would love the luxury of long, relaxing baths as a stress reliever, she hardly ever has time to take them. She's a shower girl, loving a nice long one in the evenings to "wash the day away."

Jill is always looking for great products that don't irritate and dry out her skin. She has to be really careful with moisturizers, as most tend to break her out.

Jill prefers nice, clean scents versus really strong ones. "I have a strong sense of smell, so the lighter the better." Heavy perfume (flowery) smells really turn me off. I also like more natural, organic scents.

She really enjoys shopping for her bath & body products at specialty stores and malls, but due to her limited time these days, Internet shopping has become a nice alternative.

Jill also loves to "escape" from her busy life by treating herself to occasional manicures, pedicures (her favorite), facials and massages.

Jill's 3 Favorite Bath and Body Products
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