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Jill's 3 Favorite Bath and Body Products
By Jill Bowling

I'm a big pedicure fan, so interesting foot products always appeal to me. Bottoms Up! by Tru Sunshine creates a product for feet called Warm Honeysuckle Foot Mask-urade. ($16 for 8 oz. at

Yum! - warm honeysuckle - makes you think summer before you even open the jar. The thick, white mask smells clean and fresh. You can smell the  natural extracts of vanilla, aloe vera, chamomile, rosemary and sage when you open the jar.  Although it is extremely thick and gooey, it applies fairly easily.

The feeling is like a thick layer of Crisco on your feet. It leaves my feet soft and moisturized. My sensitive skin is not affected at all by the fragrances or ingredients. The packaging is adorable too - pastel circles on a flat round plastic jar in a felt black bag with red drawstring. A true treat!!

Soul Scents Sugar Scrub
($36 for 17oz at IS THE BEST SCRUB EVER!! The sugar is so much less irritating than typical salt and seed scrubs. It doesn’t sting at all. It is extremely oily, but that is part of what I really like about it.

It’s designed to be used in the shower or bath and is gentle enough to use daily. After exfoliating you can use the scrub to shave with.  At first, I did not believe the packaging instructions when they said, “shave over the sugar scrub under arms, bikini, legs and face…. rinse and towel off completely (very important due to oils).”

The product states you will never need to apply shaving cream, lotion or body spray after bathing again. And they are right!! The sugar and oils actually protect your skin and razor and make for the cleanest, most moisturizing shave I’ve experienced.  No issue with my sensitive skin either.

Cali Oliva Bagno's Gentle Shower and Bath Gel
is an excellent choice for sensitive skin like mine. Made from extracts of Italian olive oil, the gel cleans without drying your skin. The shower gel is packaged to almost look like a bottle of olive oil, with a light green color and natural scent.

Derived from the algaes in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, the product leaves my skin feeling extremely soft, smooth and firm. One of the Italian beauty secrets revealed on the packaging is that the Romans called olive oil either "Liquid Gold" or "Nectar of the Gods". I can see why! Olive oil is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and beta-carotene-all wonderful for your skin. My husband enjoys this product as well.

While it does have some fragrance added, it doesn't smell too feminine. The gel also lathers great. I also sometimes add a capful to the bath - Oh my!! What a nice experience!

My skin feels even softer after lying in a nice, warm bath letting the olive oil and other natural ingredients seep into my pores! Moderately priced, Cali's Gentle Shower and Bath Gel costs $16 for 8.5oz.

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