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One Gel of a Product
ZIRH Shower Gel

By Daryn Guarino

On my shelf was ZIRH's Clean, an alpha hydroxy wash, (8oz for $12.50) which arrived in one of those nifty aluminum bottles that I lovingly call a "metatarsal surprise."

You can picture the scenario: you turn around in the shower, you gently bump the bottle, it silently falls from the shelf, it crushes your toes to a fine powder while scaring the living whiz out of you! (A five pound metal object for the shower? Are you packaging people out of your minds?)

The silver and blue finish of the brushed aluminum bottle looked masculine and expensive (and dangerous) and its innards smelled of mint and grit. Clean is technically labeled as a face wash, but I figured that my easy-to-go-scaly hide could only benefit from the pampering.

I poured the thick, viscous goo onto "Fleshbiter the Epiderminator" and scrubbed away. A heavy, minty lather formed and it washed and exfoliated and stimulated and soothed my whole body. It was quite a satisfying scrub and I felt very polished afterward. A light minty scent remained and I felt super-clean! Very nice!

The ingredient list had so much to offer that I donít know where to begin. Lemon oil was listed, which can help restore your skinís natural pH. Menthol checked in, which is a counter-irritant found in mint plants.

Salicylic acid is shown, which is an antiseptic, antibacterial, and anesthetic agent taken from wintergreen oil (it is also used in making aspirin). Alpha-hydroxy acids were listed, which are taken from sugar  cane (glycolic acid), milk (lactic acid), and apples (malic acid) and are sometimes called triple alpha-hydroxy acids.

Alpha-hydroxy acids can help remove the uppermost layers of the epidermis and that is where most of your skin imperfections (blackheads, fine lines, dry spots, etc.) will occur. A panacea of terrific skin health foods and fantastic skin healing agents all wrapped in a five pound metal foot-bomb!

After a few days, my skin felt great as it showed the benefits of a balanced, or more balanced, skin pH. I was absolutely itch free, my rough spots were gone, and my skin felt smooth and flexible! As a face wash, it cut the oil in my oily T-zone easily without causing any dryness or tightness anywhere else.

Just all around good stuff! I highly recommend Clean for anyone with skin! A great value, so buy two, one for me, and one for you! (A rhyme! Look at me, Iím Doctor Seuss!) Find ZIRH Clean at and other online retailers of men's personal care products.


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