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Gel Yeah!
Anthony Logisitcs

By Daryn Guarino

Now we hit Anthony Logistics For Men Body Cleansing Gels and let me tell you that Tony knows just what the heck he’s doing.

I have to remain unbiased as a reviewer, but I have had such fantastic results with Anthony’s products in the past that I get giddy with excitement when I see one arrive.

And this time I got four of them: Coriander Blend, Citrus Blend, Eucalyptus/Mint, and Spice Blend (8oz for $16). The plastic bottles are soda can sized with a roughened finish that makes them easy to handle when wet and will fit nicely in a holiday stocking.

Anthony Logistics Body Cleansing GelCoriander Blend smelled like aloe vera and melon with just a pinch of coriander. The scent was a shade on the masculine side, but any tomboy will do just fine with this flavor in her gym bag.

Eucalyptus/Mint was scented so powerfully (almost harshly) that it would have no trouble opening up your clogged sinus passages.

This one cooled and refreshed with serious aplomb, but was way too minty for my tastes. A bottle of this in the overnight bag will keep everything else smelling minty fresh and clean.

Spice Blend smelled like a Dad, a cross between English Leather, Old Spice, and yard work. Rugged and masculine with woody notes of moss and leather, this one is all man, baby!

Last up was the Citrus Blend...ahhh…few things smell as good or as orange as Tony’s citrus blend. Think baby aspirin and tang mixed into an orange soda and you will be really close. If this scent is ever turned into something edible, I hope it’s a diet food or I am going to weigh twelve thousand pounds.

The honey-thick liquid slowly poured onto "Der Skrubbenshtein Monster Scrub-Ball of Hades" and quickly lathered into giant heaps of long-lasting suds that smelled even better than they did in the bottle. Nasal nirvana! With glycerin, aloe vera, and wheat protein, my skin was being cleaned, fed, and soothed like a baby at a Grandmother convention.

I never experienced any drying or itching and my skin became smooth and soft after just a few uses. The price seemed a bit on the high side at first, but, as I immediately discovered that a little dab will do ya…and the person next to ya…and the person next to them…and the person next to them, these bottles are going to last for a long, long time.

As a gift for you or a friend (or me), these body gels will make anyone who bathes a little bit happier…even on a really good day. Find Anthony Logistics for Men products at


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