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Gel No, We Won't Go!

By Daryn Guarino

Naturopathica’s Zesty Lime Shower Gel ($32.00 for 8oz) arrived in a cobalt blue plastic bottle with an apothecary style label. This honey colored gel smelled vaguely of “odd” lime. It wasn’t an uplifting citrusy lime, but rather a dry, old zest of lime scent.

The scent seemed wrong and it was almost disturbing, lime, but not lime, creepy. I drizzled the lime-ish gel onto "Raincrusher the Scrubber of the Apocalypse" and worked up a pathetic lather. A despised reapplication (grrr!) was required to finish my shower.

Even when fully lathered, the expected lime scent explosion just never happened and made me sad. The extracts of nettle, meadowsweet, and milk thistle worked well in keeping my skin hydrated and I never felt dry or tight. Aloe vera and sweet almond protein are included to help maintain the skin’s lipid barrier (skin food) and left me feeling smooth and almost silky.

It did a great job of keeping me hydrated and a good job in preserving my skin health and a decent job in the cleansing, but I just didn’t like it. The strange lime smell was just too distracting for someone of my nasal capacity and the weak lather was really disappointing.

For a horrifically expensive product, this stuff needed to be more than just adequate. Give it as a gift to someone who is not me and just accept that you are spending too much for it. Find it at

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